NEWS ROUND-UP China’s duty free sales top $5.9bn in 2018

outpaces that of the rest of Asia and indeed the rest of the world at 9.5% in 2017 (the latest full year statistic available through Generation Research). As reported, Chen confirmed to the recent TFWA China’s

TRBusiness at

Century Conference that Hainan’s duty free sales rose to RMB10m ($1.5bn) in 2018 of which CDFG’s Haitang Bay, Sanya store contributed $ During this year’s Spring Festival Golden

Growth of domestic tourists in China continued to grow in double digits last year, supported by various Chinese Government initiatives, including major duty free developments which are making it more convenient for shoppers to access their favourite luxury brands without leaving the country. China’s duty free sales reached RMB

39.49bn ($5.9bn) in 2018, according to China Duty Free Group President, Charles Chen, which was an increase of 27.3% year-on- year, with offshore duty free shops – such as those in Hainan – becoming increasingly popular among the Chinese. The growth of DF&TR sales in China far

Week holiday period, Hainan’s duty free sales tipped RMB100m ($14.7m) on two consecutive days (8-9 February), with income at shops in Haikou and Sanya rising by 26.3% to RMB558.27m ($83m). Closely linked to the duty free industry,

the luxury goods market in China also continued to grow in 2018 with sales of luxury goods hitting RMB36bn, +37% yoy, accounting for 14% of all luxury goods sales in China. It is no wonder that both domestic and

offshore duty free stores are registering such positive growth when the number of domestic tourists continue to rise in double- digits. In 2018 the number of domestic tourists in China reached 5.5bn, increasing

Tax & duty free sales lift 9.1% in Zurich in 2018

Duty and tax free revenues at Flughafen Zürich AG (Zurich Airport) posted a healthy return in 2018 as total non-aviation income surged to CHF496.2m/$491.6m (+20.2%). Retail, tax and duty free sales reached

CHF111.4m/$110.4m (+9.1%) year-on- year, accounting for the largest share of commercial and parking revenue, which totalled CHF248.3m/$246.1m. Average departing spend per passenger

across retail, tax and duty free, and F&B lifted by 6% to CHF8.4. Growth in retail income and average

passenger spending outstripped traffic growth, which increased by 5.8% to 31.1m. In a reporting note, the operator points towards ‘a strong year in watches, jewellery

and F&B’ and profitability from higher average concession rates, which grew by one percentage point to 21.8%. New commercial contracts resulted in

airside commercial turnover gains (+5.6%), but landside turnover dropped (-0.1%). Flughafen Zürich AG’s commercial

partners, which includes Dufry Group grew revenue to CHF593.8m (+3.2%) last year.

10.8%, according to Kevin Guo, General Manager of Strategic Cooperation & Marketing Innovation at Ctrip. Interestingly, the number of outbound

tourists reached 149.7m, increasing 14.7%. “A fifth of the domestic tourism is

weekend travel,” revealed Guo on stage at the China’s Century Conference last month in Hainan.

Dufry opens third LatAm New Generation store at EZE

Dufry has opened its third Latin American New Generation store in the Terminal A departures area at Ezeiza International Airport, as pre-empted by TRBusiness in September 2018. The latest addition means Dufry

possesses three New Generation stores in Latin America across Buenos Aires and Cancun International Airports. These add to its airport locations at Madrid-Barajas, Melbourne, Zurich and London Heathrow. Spread across 3,000sq m, the opening of

the walkthrough follows a renovation of the airport. The new store incorporates digital applications designed to attract travellers and improve communication with them. According to the company, the store

offers a 360-degree experience through retailtainment, using digital technology to create an engaging environment. This is achieved by stimulating the senses

with various content and activities aimed at specific customer types.


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