Both airports and cruise ships are very strong sales environments for the brand, adds Donlon: “We offer several exclusive products for these sectors to ensure we are providing the best possible product offering for the market. “We are particularly looking

to grow and improve our brand presence across the Americas and in China. This is one of the brand’s biggest aims for the year.” Jewellery and watch company

Kurate International, which has started 2019 with ‘quite a bang’, also highlights the increasing competition across the segment. Claire O’Donnell, Travel Retail Manager, Kurate International tells TRBusiness: “Competition has definitely increased. There are a lot more entry price-point jewellery and watch brands, which is where we sit in the market. “This just drives us to be the best

we can, working within our price range.”

Mutual benefits In order to stand out in an often over-saturated market place, fellow jewellery brand, Buckley, says it is continuously working with operators


ensure both parties receive the best possible results. Making sure that they have

the required tools to promote the brand to a high standard is a top priority, says Donlon: “In order to achieve this, we are always providing our customers with fresh, exciting campaign imagery and often working hand-in-hand with them to tailor display equipment to their needs.” The introduction of Buckley’s

latest floor-standing unit is an excellent example. “The purpose was to ensure our

Invicta Watches onboard Carnival Victory.

in the channel, while remaining mindful of various category-specific challenges is Invicta Watches. Last year was anything but easy

for the fashion watches category due to customers craving new and special products, but Invicta still had a successful 2018. Invicta’s journey towards newness

and fun translated into the creation of special collections such as Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars. This created a lot of excitement with the uniqueness of the watches encouraging customers to buy,

according to the company. Natalia Alzate, Global Travel Retail Brand Manager, Invicta Watches cites watches

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as one of the ‘major accessories’ in the channel and believes people buy them because they are easy to carry and pick up. She emphasises: “The fashion

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watch business has been more challenging this past year because customers are more discerning than a few years ago. “The reality is that no one needs a

customers could showcase the maximum number of products while taking up as little floor space as possible. We recognise that retail space is precious.” Another watch company, which appears to be performing strongly

APRIL 2019

watch, so once again it’s more about enticing the customer.” Female travellers present a real

opportunity for companies such as Invicta. “For women, it is not so much about the watch, but more about the watch becoming a piece of jewellery,” Alzate explains. Watches relevant to the travel scene have also gained traction

The Goulding Collection is among those introduced by Buckley to capitalise on the increasing demand for gold in watches and jewellery.


“There are many good brands out there. This is why we feel it is important to continue to introduce innovative high-quality products and ensure we are consistently offering affordable price points.”

Amy Donlon, Head of Sales and Marketing, Buckley London

in DF&TR. “Examples include our Roulette Watch for casino players on cruise ships and watches with a dual time zone feature. “In addition, watches suitable for

diving have also become more and more popular.” Looking ahead, Alzate cites

retailers’ lack of commitment to the fashion watch category as its biggest challenge. “Most retailers and cruise lines want to offer a more upscale

Left: Kurate International has enjoyed a strong start to 2019 with various new listings.

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