FINE FOOD & WINE: TREASURY WINE ESTATES More pairing opportunities for wine

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has benefitted from cross-category merchandising and promotional activities with fine food products in the past, but is also open to equally appetising opportunities within the confectionery category, as Simon Carter, TWE’s General Manager for Global Travel, tells Charlotte Turner.


ine food & wine are clearly a winning combination in DF&TR. What are the

advantages of cross-category promotions/merchandising? In domestic, this is very much the case. In travel retail, we tend to focus on encouraging our wines and food affiliations through airline lounge partnerships and inflight and we have many of our wines served on Qantas, Singapore, and Emirates in first class, business and economy cabins. In the cruise channel, we actively

encourage wine and food affiliations and we work closely with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in the Americas and Asia Pacific where food & wine is a very important part of their overall traveller proposition.

Are there other categories you would like to work with in this way? Cross-category


initiatives pairing wine – particularly red and fortified wines – with chocolate is something we’ve explored and executed in the past. We know consumers enjoy wine and chocolate together and we think we can do more in this space with our strategic partners in DF&TR.

How did the wine category in DF&TR perform last year as a whole? Our customers continue to inform us of the positive performance of the wine category and we also see that there is significant opportunity to drive this further. TWE will continue to demonstrate

our commitment to the wine category in travel retail. Through our presence in attending and participating in major trade events such as TFWA, TWE clearly demonstrates its committed approach to taking a lead role in driving further growth in the wine category across the channel. As such we will continue to

focus on one of our most globally demanded brand; Penfolds. This is the year to discover more about Penfolds. From our exceptional white wines, through to our exclusive new release with Penfolds Special Bottlings, Penfolds is ever-evolving to meet the needs of its consumers.

We know that social media plays a huge part in the promotion of new and well-established brands in DF&TR now. Is this the case for wines too? In February, we had the largest airport display globally consisting of 98 bottles of Penfolds Grange 2014. The eye-catching display attracted not only travellers familiar with our iconic Penfolds brand, but also captivated others who were intrigued by the wall of Grange. The booth also epitomises how we seek to engage with airport shoppers though ‘Discovery’ and ‘Experimentation’ by giving them a unique brand experience. Customers at the execution

Grange 2014 on display in Sydney. APRIL 2019

were encouraged to share the backdrop on their social media, and that installation helped drive engagement with travellers at the airport. In addition, our on-site

Simon Carter, Treasury Wine Estates.

brand ambassadors interacted with customers to help them understand more about the brand, as this year also marks the 175th anniversary for Penfolds.

How are you adapting to quick- changing consumer demands? We are aware that shoppers are more ‘pre-planned’ than ever, hence, we are very focused on how we can drive greater reach and awareness deeper into the travel journey. In line with the expected passenger

growth, Asia remains a priority region and our growth reflects this opportunity. TWE’s focus on driving the footprint and consumer recruitment into our USA wine portfolio is delivering strong results and Penfolds Special Bottling with be another opportunity to further engage shoppers. «

“We know consumers enjoy wine and chocolate together and we think we can do more in this space with our strategic partners in DF&TR.”

Simon Carter, General Manager, TWE TRBUSINESS 47

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