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also a challenge. Shopping decisions are not as

impulsive as they might have been previously and consumers are making more informed decisions. Alzate says: “Luckily for Invicta,

Natalia Alzate, Global Travel Retail Brand Manager, Invicta Watches.

“We are moving into different channels which will strengthen our position and increase our brand performance.”

Claire O’Donnell, Travel Retail Manager, Kurate International

Right: Watches relevant to the travel scene such as Invicta's Roulette watch, have gained traction in duty free and travel retail.

look and feel, featuring luxury and fine watch brands only. “They are devoting no space to

fashion watches and leaving them as a promotion-only category. “If retailers stop treating this

as a major category, fashion watches will inevitably continue to down-trend. Our challenge is to ensure they allocate more space to fashion watches.” Accommodating the more price-

conscious customers which look more carefully at how they spend is

Doing the ‘ground work’

Last year was a challenging one for Kurate International in DF&TR, but the company is confident it did a lot of ‘ground work’ for 2019. If the first six weeks of the year are

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anything to go by, Kurate will certainly reap the benefits of the hard work undertaken in 2018. Claire O’Donnell, Travel Retail

Manager, Kurate International tells TRBusiness: “In the first six weeks of the year we secured two airport locations for our Belle & Beau jewellery brand. We have also secured four ships with Stena Line and are awaiting news on another two airports.” She adds: We have also secured

listings with airlines which are new to us and in the Middle East in particular.”


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Its strongest market is unsurprisingly Europe, where it has worked for over 15 years, but Kurate has undertaken extensive research into styles in the Middle East and introduced these pieces into the range. This has paid off and the company is working with more Middle East airlines than previously. In terms of how it works with

operators, O’Donnell comments: “When moving into the ferry/cruise and airport shop channels, we were really determined not to be like any other company out there. “Our free-standing display unit, for

example, is not square and white with black writing. Its design is based on a four-sided concept, which has never been seen before. This is definitely

Jewellery and Watch company Kurate International is striving to be the best in can in the face of intense competition.

APRIL 2019

winning us business.” She concludes: “We are going above

and beyond for these new retailers, providing everything they need to place our brand instore.”

we are constantly working on developing unique watches with intricate designs, changing it up with new and more exciting collections and partnering with new licensors. This helps keep things new and fresh.” Monitoring performance across

its cruise business is also proving easier said than done. “With so many exciting ships, different ports and such different demographics, the hardest part is keeping track and visiting all the ships, talking to the staff and customers and understanding what is going on in the field. “The greatest challenge is making

sure we are out there enough and that we are taking advantage of all the opportunities.”

Brexit uncertainty Meanwhile, uncertainty surrounding the United Kingdom’s potential departure from the European Union and the ongoing struggles of the inflight sector is keeping Kurate on its toes. O’Donnell says: “We have primarily worked inflight which continues to be our focus and have challenges due to the difficulties

facing airlines.” The ongoing struggles of the airline

retail industry has perhaps prompted Kurate to broaden its horizons. “We are moving into different

channels which will strengthen our position and increase our brand performance. “We continue to work with

airlines but are in discussions with key opinion leaders in these other channels.” Another company focusing strongly on inflight is British jewellery brand Infinity & Co. Last year, the company grew overall DF&TR sales by about 50% and in 2019, sales have doubled in January and February compared to the same two months in 2018. Neil Thompson, Sales Director,

Infinity & Co tells TRBusiness: “There is a lot of talk about inflight struggling, but in many respects, it should have a lot of advantages as there is a captive audience.” «

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