Preceding Fagundes on stage was Orillac, who spoke at length about the e-commerce opportunity, something he admitted, ‘keeps him awake’ at night. He pointed to a 24% increase in

online buyers from 126m in 2016 to 156m across the region as of February 2019. Relating the trend to the Motta

business, Orillac said 45% of the company’s website traffic is from those aged 25 years and under, but most purchases come from those aged 35 years and older.

Millennial travellers Millennial travellers and those from other generations living in the Americas were in focus during the second executive conference session on day two. First to speak was Barbara Wold,

International Speaker, Author and Business Strategist, who said: “When it comes to millennials and what is going on in the business and travel industry, you have to be aware of what is going on around you and absorb and take it all in.” Offering a DF&TR perspective,

she said: “Millennials are not going to the mall but are travelling. This is where duty free and travel retail has a chance.” Next on stage was Peter Mohn,

CEO & Co-Owner, m1nd-set and Anna Marchesini, Project Manager, m1nd-set, who presented insights on the behaviour and expectations of travel retail shoppers (from the Americas), segmented by generation. Mohn revealed that international

passenger numbers in the Americas (departures and arrivals) amounted to 487.87m in 2018 and that air traffic rose +5.6% compared to the year before. “In 2020, we expect to hit over

500m international departures and arrivals in the Americas and 915m in 2034,” he added. In terms of DF&TR shopping

behaviour in the region, m1nd-set has drawn from its database of 500,000 international travellers representing more than 100 nationalities worldwide. Marchesini

revealed that

millennials are not only driven by price and value-related aspects – a

APRIL 2019

specific characteristic of American shoppers – but want to kill time and actually be surprised. “They do not have a specific mission,” she said. “When it comes to purchasing,

millennials want to find something that is different and unavailable in their own country, but exclusive to duty free. This comes before finding a good deal and promotions.”

Inflight perspective The final conference session of the 2019 Summit of the Americas offered delegates an inflight perspective. Pedro Heilbron, CEO, Copa

Holdings and Copa Airlines said the Panama-based carrier could adapt its business model in the face of heightened competition from the low-cost market. Responding to a question from

TRBusiness concerning the high share of LCC aircraft orders and their potential challenge to the traditional inflight retail and duty free model of other carriers, he said: “We see it as a challenge, but one we can deal with. Our industry is not going to be any different – or maybe it is, as we have the advantage of seeing what is being ordered. “We know what is going on and

know how we can compete and remain successful, whatever the business model. It’s about how we change and adapt to the future.” The penultimate speaker was Peter

Cerdá, Regional Vice President, The Americas, International Air Transport Association (IATA), who outlined the region’s major opportunities and challenges. These include maximising

aviation’s economic and social benefits and preparing for a doubling of passengers over the next 20 years. Cerdá said: “Thanks to airlines

such as Copa, we are connecting the world much better than what we did 20 years ago.” Despite last year being a

challenging one for the airline industry, on the whole, business was ultimately positive. “The industry made about $33bn, which was almost a record year,” according to Cerdá. He continued: “Some of the best-

run airlines are probably from our region. Great business models have

“Some of the best-run airlines are probably from our region. Great business models have been built and not only transformed aviation in Latin America but transformed the way we live in our region.”

Peter Cerdá, Regional Vice President, The Americas, IATA

been built and not only transformed aviation in Latin America but transformed the way we live in our region. In Latin America, we are going to double passenger numbers in the next 20 years.” The final presentation of the day

was delivered by Carlos Melconian, Director, M&S Consultores. Melconian delivered an articulate

and nuanced assessment of Latin America’s economic and political fortunes. This covered Brazil’s path to

recovery in the Bolsonaro-led administration; Argentina’s grapple with multiple macro-economic challenges in the context of structural and fiscal policy changes rooted in a climate of deep-recession; and the future outlook for the US economy. «

Above: Peter Mohn, CEO & Co- Owner, m1nd- set and Anna Marchesini, Project Manager, m1nd-set present insights on the travel retail shopping behaviour and expectations of the different generations in the Americas.

Barbara Wold, International Speaker, Author and Business Strategist, opened the second Executive Conference Session on day two of the Summit of the Americas in Orlando.


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