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Kartell by Laufen collection includes washbasins, furniture, accessories, WCs and baths

technologies usually seen in the kitchen, such as pull-out hoses, swivel spouts and infra-red activation, appearing more regularly in a bathroom setting. Elina Enqvist-Twomey, category manager at Grohe UK, notes that infra-red-activated taps are beginning to gain traction with eco-conscious homeowners because they help to reduce consumption by only dispensing water when the sensor is activated. “Infra-red taps are a great solution for family homes, offering independence to young children who are just starting to use the toilet unaccompanied, but who also may be prone to leaving the tap running. They also make great additions in multigenerational homes and inclusive spaces, allowing the elderly or those with reduced mobility to wash their hands without having to twist or turn any handles.


Lighting is being increasingly considered in the overall design scheme rather than as an afterthought. Illuminated bathroom mirrors and cabinets, as Sensio Lighting product manager Neil Oldfield points out, will continue to be the main focus.

He says that smart technology will continue to

grow during 2020 and truly practical innovations will be more readily adopted in the bathroom environment, with mirrors and cabinets becoming ever more slimline in their design and packed with useful features, such as demisters, touch controls and motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sales manager at HiB, Ash

Chilver, adds that “a show- stopping round mirror can immediately transform the feel of a space, and tap into a burgeoning contemporary trend that effortlessly meets the householder’s aspirations”.

Showers Water-saving and accessibility are key considerations when it

controlled innovations that optimise user experience”, comments head of channel marketing at Hansgrohe, Sarah Evans.

“Digital shower systems that offer a more multi-

sensory experience are set to revolutionise how we use the bathroom, helping us create smarter bathroom routines that can be personalised at the touch of a button. “Hansgrohe’s new RainTunes digital shower system links water, light, sound, and fragrance to create a holistic water experience for all the senses. The focus here is totally on the individual and their personal moods and needs.” Finally, Crosswater’s marketing director Juan Pillay notes that mixing and matching will be increasingly popular in 2020. “One of the great things about this approach to design is that it is extremely flexible, giving people the luxury of a choice of finishes – plus the idea of mixing materials adds a special interest, richness and depth to a design scheme. Homeowners can combine colours, materials and patterns to create an effect that reflects their personality and unique style.”


Digital shower systems that offer a more multi-sensory experience are set to revolutionise how we use the bathroom

comes to the showering space, too. Larger, step- free enclosures with non-slip

easy-to-operate digital showers with eco settings are a growing preference.

Shower brands will also continue to push innovative water-saving options that don’t compromise on the quality of the experience. As well as innovating to save water, bathroom manufacturers are “starting to flex their smart home design credentials with the development of app-

46 trays and

On the design front, shower enclosures have come a long way in recent years, with Crittall-style enclosures in black proving popular. Roman managing director David Osborne notes; “At the top end of the market, it’s all about colour finishes. We have added polished nickel, alongside chrome, matt black and brushed nickel. As the market is becoming increasingly com - moditised, designer brands are moving away from chrome and clear glass into coloured finishes and increasingly textured and printed glass.” Curved shower screens have also gained some traction and are likely to continue to do so.

Aqata claims to have kicked off this trend in 2019 with its DSS06 walk-in shower.

On the subject of enclosures, Lakes Showering

Spaces sales and marketing director Mike Tattam notes that glass technology has come a long way in recent years. It has introduced its PureVueHD – a low-iron glass with an AllClear factory-applied coating that is said to help water, lime scale and soap scum slide off the glass rather than sticking to it, keeping it clear and unblemished.

Showerwall’s Navy Herringbone from the Customs collection

The Fog radiator by Aestus is available in two sizes and produces a heat output of up to 842W

Shower trays

When it comes to trays, accessibility and safety have been key drivers in innovation, boosted by a rise in multigenerational living and a general trend towards large, walk-in showers.

JT sales and marketing director John Schofield

adds that colours will continue to influence the market, where historically white ruled and that this trend is reflected in the launch of JT’s additional colours in its Evolved by JT range in 2019. Likewise, Bette’s trays are available in around 500 different colours and Kaldewei’s Secure Plus floor- level shower surface has a virtually invisible anti-slip finish and is available in all colours of the Coordinated Colours Collection.

Heating Towel warmers and radiators have grown increasingly sophisticated in style, with some models more akin to works of art. Retro styles have grown in popularity, and PVD finishes mean many models are available in a multitude of colours.

Steve Birch, sales director at Vogue, believes there will be a rise in more customised designs where heating is considered an integral part of the overall design scheme, rather than an extra. He adds: “Raw materials softened by muted greys and shades of blue, antique and textured finishes, along with highly-expressive shapes, are also set to dominate bathroom heating in 2020.”

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