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To celebrate its 25th anniversary, bathroom manufacturer Acquabella has created a new design concept around the number 25. The Quiz design incorporates 25 individual lines converging to make a diagonal lined pattern, which is embedded with different textures. The new design can be applied to the shower trays, wall coverings, bathtubs, and is available in both standard and natural colours. Tel: 01494 793501

GROHE | Plus

Grohe has extended its Plus collection of basin taps with new digitally enhanced models that can control water temperature with an integrated LED display. The two-tone surface of the LED display is made of chrome and acrylic glass in MoonWhite. The sensor- activated Eco Spray reduces water consumption. The new models are available in Chrome, SuperSteel and Brushed Hard Graphite finishes. Tel: 0208 283 2840


How to change the material or finish of any product

Daniel Kirkbright, training manager at Virtual Worlds, tells us how using the ‘Materials’ feature allows designers to create bespoke and realistic models

hilst it’s critical for designers to understand their customers’ design brief, it’s also important for the customer to know that their design will match what they see in real life. That’s why we have the ‘Materials’ feature in the Virtual Worlds software. Material changes is a design customisation option built into the software which allows a user to manipulate the substance of a model in a design, so it better reflects the reality of a product or object. For example, a user can insert tiles made of a ceramic material and change this to be glossy or polished. This will then mean tiles in either renders or 4D virtual reality are shown with the new material or finish and are better suited to match the exact product in real life. So, you can rest assured on the accuracy of the models in your design and avoid any unexpected customer complaints down the line.

W Additional benefits

A designer can also use the ‘Materials’ feature to completely change objects and models, such as converting a solid wall into a transparent glass screen to create a bespoke shower enclosure. And a designer can use this method of model manipulation, along with others in Virtual Worlds, to create new models and finishes entirely. This means your library of available design content and possibilities in design is expanded significantly. Ask yourself whether or not your design software can offer you this level of customisation.

You can also view a video that explains this Design Hack at www.kbbreview/virtualworlds.

Choose a glass, matt, or metal material finish


RAK Ceramics has released RAK-Plano – a countertop surface for the RAK-Joy and RAK-Joy Uno vanity units. It comes with three different Techwood finishes and in RAK Ceramic’s Matt White RAKSOLID material. The one-piece top can be drilled and cut so the positioning of the washbasin and mixer is customisable. RAK-Plano is available in a range of colours from white to wood. Tel: 01730 237850

52 VITRA | Plural Collection

The Plural collection from VitrA has been updated to include new range of mid-century colours. In addition to the original options, the monoblock basins, vanity basins, and bowls are now available in Matt Clay Beige, Matt Moss Green, and Matt Terra Rossa. The Plural collection has been created by Milan-based American designer Terri Pecora, in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA. Tel: 01235 750990

For more information, please e-mail sales@ or call 01908 663848.

· August 2021

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