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national business development manager at Symphony

And it is this pioneering approach to sustainability that continues to be the focus of so many of Symphony’s plans going forward. It recently announced that it had achieved its self-imposed Green Energy target for electricity four years early, an astonishing achievement that builds on the brand’s impressive efforts to reduce carbon emissions. As well as being the first in the industry to install a biomass boiler to recycle waste heat, Symphony has recently introduced hybrid vehicles into its fleet.

Industry leading Symphony’s eco-credentials also span across its manufacturing process all the way down to what is used in its products, with four of its key ranges being made from 100% recycled materials, further highlighting the brand as leading the way for sustainability within the industry.

“As we look ahead to the next half-century, Symphony will continue to invest to support our customers and retailers,” Collyns says. “As well as starting on the Pen Hill extension this year, we are also undergoing a major redesign of our marketing suite to showcase one of our biggest ever product launches. This year has also welcomed new cabinet colours, eight new kitchen decors, new handles, worksurfaces, as well as new bedroom and bathroom ranges. “Symphony is also at the forefront of digital marketing and later this year will see continued website development and other new digital innovations to ensure it remains ahead and supports its retailers. Behind the scenes we continue to invest heavily in our IT, manufacturing and commercial systems to enable the business to adapt to the changing market demands and opportunities which the next decades will undoubtedly bring.” Reaching a 50-year milestone is an incredible achievement for any business, but when those five decades have seen such phenomenal growth without compromising on the core ideas that started the journey, it is even more remarkable. Symphony continues to set standards and always leads from the front and after 50 years it remains an inspiring model for the rest of the industry.

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I started at Symphony in 1983 as a sales coordinator, a new forward-thinking role linking sales, manufacturing and despatch. At that time it was a small, growing company offering excellent products, service and great career development. I moved through various positions in the retail division, leading up to my current role as national business development manager. I have an excellent team who I classify as my friends, we all go the extra mile for each other, which I think is a key part of the Symphony culture. I also have a great relationship with many of our retailers who I have been working with now for many years.

Symphony Stories Mark Hiddlestone, director, Hiddlestone & Son

We’re a family KBB retailer based in Bridgend in Wales. My dad started the company in 1982 in the heart of the town centre and in just a few years we’d outgrown it

and moved into our current 10,000sq ft showroom that we’re very proud of. We’re a solus Symphony dealer and we’ve been with them well over 20 years and sell all their brands. It’s a relationship we value incredibly highly as there’s a real loyalty there that goes both ways.

A level of trust has been built up and it has

more of a family feel to it – they take me at my word and that’s very important to me. It’s more like a marriage! We both work at the relationship, and it never feels corporate in any way. I think it’s a real achievement to have that personal relationship with a company that is so large, but that’s a lot to do with the fact that they tend to hold on to their ASMs for a long

time so they clearly look after their employees, and so you can build up that partnership and the bond gets stronger and stronger. We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary next year and that dual longevity works so well together because they know we’re not going anywhere and we know they’re not. Symphony’s support during lockdown has also been amazing. I’ve had no end of issues with some suppliers during this period but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I haven’t had a single issue with supply from Symphony on any item. That’s incredible, isn’t it? But I shouldn’t be so surprised, you’ve only got to go and visit Barnsley and see the set-up and it’s just so reassuring – even as a layperson you can see the stock levels and it’s so professionally run. If there is an issue, the turnaround to fix it is absolutely unreal. I can report something damaged on a kitchen I’m working on and sometimes I’ve had a replacement in 48 hours. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working and long may it continue for us!

· August 2021

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