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Confirmed: Kitchen brand Neue Alno files for preliminary insolvency

NEUE ALNO has officially confirmed that it filed for pre liminary insolvency in self- administration on July 5 and that business operations, production and deliveries are continuing unrestricted.

The German kitchen manufacturer has said it wants to use this as an opportunity to reposition itself in the market and is looking to come out of the proceedings stronger. Business operations, production and delivery to customers will still continue. Managing directors Jochen Braun and Michael Spadinger (pictured left to right) and the management team will be acting in the insolvency process and will play a key role in the financial restructuring.

The brand has been owned by European investment firm RiverRock since 2017 after Alno AG fell into administration earlier that year. It has

investor process.” With retail customers across the UK, the company, which employs around 230 people at its plant in Pfullendorf, has assured its partners and employees of security moving forward. Wages and salaries for the employees for June to August 2021 are secured by pre-financing for insolvency payments.

Also in the official report, Neue Alno said: “The aim of the procedure is to manoeuvre the company through the corona crisis with the support of employees, customers and suppliers and to continue the investor process that has already been initiated.” The paperwork was filed on July 5,

been looking for investors for more than three months after Neue Alno reported a strong 2020.

In an official statement, the Neue Alno management team said: “We will

Miele boss: ‘We must improve communication on delays’

THE HEAD of Miele in the UK has acknowledged that the appliance giant must learn lessons from how it has communicated with its retailers over supply delays. Speaking on the latest episode of the award-winning kbbreview Podcast, the managing director for the UK, Ireland and South Africa, John Pickering (pictured), said that the company didn’t always have the “necessary clarity” to give to its retail network during the lockdown period. “We take that very seriously and we commit to trying to do an even better job,” he said. “I can’t talk about any other brands but we’re all managing similar situations and, fundamentally, there has to be a better job that we can do to manage this information. “And I would really like to say thank you and respect the patience that our partners have had when we haven’t been able to deliver – it doesn’t get taken for granted and our job is to try and improve that communication where we can.”

Pickering said the supply situation is ‘much improved’ and the advice to kitchen retailers is to order appliances at the same time as the furniture as there are still some backlogs. In the exclusive podcast interview, Pickering also defended the company’s position on selling products


tackle the challenges of the near future together with our employees, customers and partners.

“The aim is to get out of the proceedings and continue the ongoing

in the district court of Hechingen, which granted the management’s requests and ordered preliminary insolvency proceedings in self-administration over the assets of Neue Alno GmbH and BBT Bodenseeteile GmbH.

kbbreview Awards given the full go-ahead for live Liverpool event

PREPARATIONS FOR the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2021 are steaming ahead after the Government removed all Covid social distancing rules across England.

direct to consumers via its website and Experience Centres – the third of which has just opened in Edinburgh, following London and Abingdon. “It is something we need to manage sensitively,” he said. “I don’t believe that having a viable direct business… has to be in conflict with our support for [the kitchen specialist] sector – an area that is actually only increasing as we made it a strategic priority. “The experiential elements of how our customers connect with our products, the training that we offer and the fantastic quality of advice that independent kitchen retail gives to potential customers, is such an important piece that it has to live in partnership.

“There’ll be elements of that we have to manage, but there is no reason it can’t work well as long as we work together.”

· August 2021

This confirms that the event, which is being held in Liverpool on Wednesday, September 15, will go ahead safely without restrictions. “We’ve been very confident all along that restrictions would be lifted in plenty of time for our awards,” said kbbreview managing editor Andrew Davies. “But it’s still fantastic to have that confirmed by the Prime Minister so comprehensively. “We’re planning an incredible event in what is an astonishing venue and there’s no question now that this will be

the biggest party the KBB industry has seen since, well, the kbbreview Awards in March 2020!”

The kbbreview Retail & Design

Awards 2021 event will be held in the iconic Liverpool Cathedral. “It’s an incredible place, so we’re so privileged to be there,” Davies said. “That’s where the full welcome, dinner and ceremony will be held and then we’re taking over a whole nightclub five minutes down the road for an amazing after-party. I can’t wait!”

Seats or tables of 10 at the event are limited so anyone wanting to guarantee their place is urged to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Go to for all the details.

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