CIBSE Training is best known for its Services Explained series, which covers the essential building facilities services found in commercial buildings. Their trainers are respected experts in their fields and ensure courses are continually updated.

Those working in the field of facilities management and property should stay informed with the latest developments and thinking in order to do their job effectively and efficiently. CIBSE Training has a collection of courses for those in a facilities management role. The most popular course, Building Services Explained, covers building services found in commercial buildings. The course looks at heating and cooling systems, how to use them efficiently and how they fit within a building. Electrical and renewable systems are also covered allowing the trainee to understand how they can have a considerable impact on the building’s energy use.

Mechanical services are at the centre of a building’s internal environment and environmental

impact. This course enables the

delegate to take an active part in the design, installation or operation of the services that they may oversee. The Mechanical Services Explained course is ideal for people from different disciplines with extended responsibility for mechanical services as well as graduate schemes.

High quality electrical building services are essential for the modern world to operate. CIBSE’s Electrical Services Explained course is designed to meet this demand and provide a grounding in electrical services and equipment with a better appreciation of many of the issues associated with the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Fundamental to our approach, is understanding what our customers truly need, and then we develop and apply innovative and insightful solutions that are tailored to their business requirements and enable them to operate effectively and efficiently. Our people, who are passionate about delivering what our customers need, are central to achieving this. And we celebrate their achievements and success through our range of recognition programmes.

Steve Wengrow, TCFM Director, Distribution & Manufacturing Sector: “We are extremely proud of our client relationships and work hard to ensure we are an aligned service partner supporting the quality of life for people working in these environments every day.”


TC Facilities Management (TCFM) is an independent FM company with over 50 years’ experience delivering services nationally, we are proud to be associated with some of the UK’s biggest names on the High Street as well as providing FM services to DCs across the UK, including RS Components.

We provide a compelling range of services including: •


• Manned Guards • Catering • Stock Accuracy • Recoup Services • Pallet Management

• Windows & Specialist Cleaning •

Electronic Security

• Waste Segregation • Washroom Services • Pest Control • Ground Maintenance Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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