Helping businesses go digital: Kärcher Eco!Manager is a new piece of software providing managers with all the information needed to plan, monitor and optimise cleaning and building management remotely.

This advanced system has been developed to enhance the exchange of information between cleaning personnel and facility managers or technicians. Through a simple barcode scanner it allows operatives to log working hours, cleaning times and cleaning outcomes in a fraction of the time previously required; notifications of exceptional or unusual incidents or special cleaning activities can also be sent quickly and directly to the relevant employee – other health and safety, damage or maintenance concerns can also be flagged through the system.

It is a user-friendly and intuitive solution meaning that no specific or prior knowledge is required to use it; and auto transfer of data into the system allows managers to see real-time information at a glance. Time spent on different room types to which specific cleaning activities were assigned (e.g. office, corridor, kitchen, stairwell, toilet etc.) the completion of work is also documented allowing tasks to be efficiently recorded, analysed and relevant quality checks carried out – all this can be achieved either on a computer or through a smartphone using the app.

This new concept of networked cleaning provides information at the fingertips, allowing decisions to be made faster, more reliably and ultimately save time so that bigger tasks at hand can be focussed on – it’s also ideal for helping to finalise the costing of contracts, and for the preparation of new quotes.

FOREG-MED Ecospace

Already well known for the storage of medical records and X-rays in hospitals using its mobile and static shelving systems, Ecospace is introducing a new system specifically for the storage of medical supplies. Called ‘FOREG MED’, the system is designed to maximize use of available floor space in conjunction with facilitating ease of storage and handling for differently packaged pharmaceutical products.

Mechanically or electronically-operated, space-saving mobile

shelving, fitted with ridged inner panels can be equipped with ISO standard modular trays, containers, drawers or baskets of a type used throughout Europe to accommodate all types of medical supplies.

Shelving is built on rails recessed into the structural floor or,

alternatively, within a base laid on the structural floor, which has the added benefit of allowing shelving to be moved at a later date to an alternate location, with no disturbance to the fabric of the building.

Mobile shelving can be finished in a choice of colours to blend or contrast with the surrounding environment and steel end panels can be supplied screen printed or timber veneered if required.

In support of the supply and installation of its systems, Ecospace provides

fully-comprehensive technical, design and after-sales

services, which include the preparation of ‘requirement surveys’ and space planning.

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