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From Setcrete, manufacturer of quality products for the professional builder, BULLDOG is a professional grade construction adhesive sealant that has become a ‘must-have’ component of every builder’s tool bag. BULLDOG is designed to provide builders and contractors with an all-round, moisture-curing adhesive and sealant that can be used in a variety of both internal and external environments.

Once cured, the fast-drying adhesive sealant produces an extremely high strength, durable bond from as little as 60 minutes. Due to its non-shrink and flexible properties, BULLDOG can be used for gap filling and is suitable for bonding most absorbent and non-absorbent building materials, including wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, metals, uPVC and plasterboard.

Available in both white and clear versions, BULLDOG has the added benefit of being suitable for use in both wet and dry environments, meaning it can be used for a wide variety of jobs, such as emergency repairs, fixing cladding, sealing around sanitaryware and window frames and repairing guttering. It is the ideal alternative to silicone sealants as it has excellent resistance to moisture and mould, but unlike silicone, it allows builders to over paint with water-based or two-part paints where required.

The Preparation Group launched the new Burnisher 430 earlier this year, its sole purpose is to produce a high gloss, glass-like finish on vinyl, tiles, concrete and resin systems. The high-speed operation (1500rpm) glazes as it glides across the surface, producing a long- lasting shine.

A drive plate is fixed to the machine, which can just be lowered onto a cleaning or scrubbing pad and used with or without chemicals/water. Cost-saving and environmentally-friendly cleaning is achieved by using the Burnisher 430 with The Preparation Group’s double-sided Storm Diamond Pads and water.

The Burnisher 430 features a 1.6kw motor, is easy to use with simple controls and has an adjustable handle height for operator comfort. An onboard dust collection port ensures clean results when used dry and the fold-down handle is ideal for

storage. The machine emits a low noise level so does not disturb normal daily operations.

An example project of the Burnisher 430 in use, is when The Preparation Group’s contracting division PPC where contracted to refurbish several hundred metres of heavily trafficked, dirty and scratched vinyl at offices in Bristol. The machine was fitted with an 800 grade Storm Diamond Pad to remove the ingrained dirt. This was then followed by the finer 1500 grade resulting in a hygienic, shiny, yet non-slip floor, just by using water. The finished result would repel dirt and be easier to clean and maintain.

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