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De-Ice is one of the UK's longest-established and leading winter gritting and snow clearance specialists. The company provides winter maintenance services, helping to keep businesses, hospitals, schools and retail outlets across the UK, safe and open during extreme weather.

To be the very best in what we do, we invest heavily in the most advanced weather forecasting technology. Our bespoke, centralised, automated systems ensure we provide service only where and when required. This coupled with our tracking technology, quality dedicated gritting and snow clearance machinery and extensive network of reliable operatives allow us to deliver the highest levels of service.

Ice and snow claims range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds – depending on the severity of the injuries and the impact on the Claimant’s work and daily living. In the event of a possible claim, De-Ice customers can rely on an extensive service audit trail in order to evidence that a site or an area was fully serviced.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Angela Eastman works in the facilities team and is responsible for infrastructure at Cambridge Airport. She comments: "De-Ice's task is not an easy one, and they need to cover a vast area quickly. However, the team at De-ice are always very willing to support and do whatever is necessary to ensure the site is properly covered."

Wormeries can play a big part in reducing landfill. What’s more, wormeries are great for disposing of food waste and they don’t smell.

In the UK we throw away about 7million tonnes of food waste every year, which goes into landfill. By recycling your food waste in a wormery, not only do you avoid adding to the landfill but also you reduce costs and carbon footprint.

A wormery is a large compost bin where Dendrobaena worms eat the microbes and turn the waste food into compost. Enterprise Plants make sure your wormery is set up properly and staff are trained to operate and manage the food waste processing.

The benefits of a wormery • Good for your green credentials • Accurate measurements of how much food waste you have recycled • A 90% reduction in the volume of waste you produce • Cost saving on collection of bins

We offer a completely comprehensive service. Our fully-inclusive service means that we will supply the unit,

the worms and the

collection bins. We’ll also visit your site to process the waste and supply regular reports for your records. We will need access to some power and some water.

If you prefer we can sell you the wormery unit and the worms and any further necessary equipment. We will also train your staff over a period of time, previously agreed, to ensure the wormery’s complete management. To go with this one-off service we can also offer regular health check visits and a support help line.

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