ECO Integrated Property Solutions (IPS) has implemented a number of innovative solutions over the last 12 months, increasing its commitment to using technology to improve all levels of delivery, including customer service, contractor management and company efficiency.

ECO IPS’s unique cloud-based CAFM system feeds into the site audit app and document management allowing site audits to be loaded in real time with direct communication to the helpdesk team.

FMs can view completed, ongoing and new works and review reference data while walking around a site, quantifying completed works and giving live dashboard reporting with full visibility of cost and compliance on the move.

Operating systems are also placed on the cloud allowing greater freedom to deliver and continuously improve services to clients and maintain excellent levels of customer satisfaction. No longer tied to PCs and desks, the cloud has boosted staff productivity and reduced the company’s carbon footprint by cutting out unnecessary travel.

A near field communication system has also been introduced, which is not dictated by other contractor management systems such as GPS signals or IVR (interactive voice response) and therefore provides a service that is not dependent on signals and manual phone calls.

ECO IPS is constantly striving to enhance and advance its operations to make it the smoothest and most efficient process possible, which can be passed on to clients through accurate documenting, advanced systems and total compliance.

LOKKITPRO Martindale Electric

Martindale Electric has announced the arrival of its latest range of comprehensive lock out kits, which have been designed to suit the needs of installers and maintenance teams working in a range of environments.

The LOKKITPRO enables circuits to be locked off once de-energised, ensuring safe maintenance schedule and compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

The LOKKITPRO features the full range of locking off devices available from Martindale Electric and is the ideal choice for contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites.

It is

the ultimate safe isolation kit providing a locking off solution for all sites and applications from mcbs with integrated test buttons through old style fuse holders, to switchgear requiring a cable lock approach. The new kit is contained in a soft carry case, ensuring all locking off devices, tags, pen and padlock are always to hand.

With the average cost of health and safety fines trebling over the last year and around 1,000 serious accidents per year at work due to contact with electricity and 10 times as many involving electricity as a cause of the accident, compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations is clearly a priority for all.

The new lock out kits from Martindale Electric make it easy to ensure all types of circuits can be de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance of plant and equipment, preventing potentially fatal accidents and enabling compliance with HSG85.

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