TRAKA21 Traka

Traka, the key and asset management specialist, has launched Traka21, an innovative plug and play system that provides small- to-medium-sized businesses with the very latest intelligent key management solutions.

The system has been designed to provide a simple, efficient and affordable method of managing keys and helps users become accountable for their business assets. Traka21 helps trace and account for every single key or keyset by individually locking them in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.

Using Traka’s same proven software and engineering as in the large- scale systems often used for Universities, hospitals and prisons, Traka21 is purpose designed to overcome some of the challenges smaller businesses or private properties face with key management and control.

Traka21 is an intelligent yet easy-to-use system for tracing and managing up to 21 keys or keysets, with access only granted to those with access to keys assigned to them via a PIN. This can help to track accountability for assets that could otherwise be vandalised or stolen, such as equipment, machinery cabinets and vehicles.

Traka21 authorises, secures and monitors all of your keys, automatically controlling and recording when a key is used, and by whom. This information is made available either through the cabinet’s display or by export on a USB pen drive.


ELCO’s TRIGON XL floor standing boiler, has been awarded a Class 6 NOx rating, with emissions as low as 34mg/kWh. As a result, consultants can breathe easily when specifying the new unit for commercial projects in the UK.

Achieving a Class 6 rating with NOx emissions less than 40mg/kWh demonstrates ELCO’s manufacturing expertise and highlights how the TRIGON XL is future-proofed against any upcoming tightening of standards. The rating also helps specifiers when assessing project criteria under BREEAM, with three credits available if a building achieves less than 40mg/kWh.

Available in seven different models with outputs from 150-570kW, the TRIGON XL range offers a wealth of benefits, including: an 8 bar working pressure, 30k flow/return temperature differential and superb seasonal efficiencies up to 97.5% – all contained within an ultra- compact footprint.

The boiler’s impressive low NOx emissions are achieved by utilising a commercially proven premix-burner system, which includes a fully- modulating, water-cooled, cold flame burner. This is combined with an optimised combustion system and stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a reliable and robust lifetime performance, while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.5%.

Gavin Watson, Sales Director for ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “The heating industry is always moving at a fast pace, and we’re proud to be staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the performance of our boilers.” Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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