LOOBLADE Robert Scott & Sons

The Robert Scott range of specialist washroom cleaning equipment is tailored to meet the needs of washroom facilities of all sizes and includes a contemporary, unique replacement for the conventional toilet brush – the LooBlade.

Sales and Marketing Director Alastair Scott, said: “Our approach to providing new and innovative products to our washroom range is perfectly demonstrated by the introduction of LooBlade, a germ- killing, quick-drying reinvention of the toilet brush, which uses an eight-blade silicone head to enhance cleaning power.”

The design of LooBlade is centred on the invention of a new technology called SwipeClean, which replaces the classic brush bristles with an eight-blade silicone cleaning head that maintains a continuous contact with the surface to swipe it clean. LooBlade does not get clogged up like the bristles of a brush, and has hydrophobic properties that shed water and dry quickly. It reaches under the rim with ease, and contains an anti-microbial additive that helps kill 99.9% of germs, both during and after cleaning.

A hollow-point head feature also helps act as a plunger to clear blockages, and the unique holder design allows for free air flow to ensure no residual water collects. The anti-microbial properties of the blades mean that germs are killed outright, so there is no need to use bleach to disinfect it. In addition, the clog-free nature of LooBlade means that the multiple flushes often used to attempt to clean a brush are no longer necessary.


To bring the benefits of immersive collaboration to more teams in more places, Oblong introduced the Mezzanine 200 Series earlier this year. The easy to install version of Oblong’s signature enterprise collaboration solution offers the same superior experience of Mezzanine but is now available for smaller team spaces, where most of the work is done and numerous decisions are made every day.

Mezzanine 200 is a compact version of Oblong’s 600 Series solution that utilises just two screens, making it easily deployable within the 45million+ small-to-mid-sized huddle rooms located globally. While this solution is smaller than the 600, it still provides the same powerful user interface plus integrations with popular ecosystems like Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business, making it a better choice for enterprise-wide collaboration.

Working sessions consist of multiple tasks, including knowledge sharing, content creation and decision-making. Traditional video conferencing limits sharing to a single presenter at a time so meetings can only attend to a single task at a time. As result, meeting productivity declines when delays result from having to switch between speakers, devices, and activities. Mezzanine 200 enables multi-tasking in a conference room environment, so multiple content streams can be viewed concurrently and everyone can participate.

The rich feature set of Mezzanine is unparalleled in the industry, providing not just an engaging wow-factor platform for presentations but real utility for collaborators doing important work with visual information and complex data across the enterprise. Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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