By working in partnership with trusted suppliers, Tidyco supports the FM industry by delivering energy efficient solutions, providing cost -saving benefits in use, as well as environmentally-friendly applications.

Tidyco Climate Control has designed the Asset Management System. Every single asset is fully documented and stored within a secure cloud-based environment. The system automates scheduled maintenance alerts, ensuring that legal requirements are upheld.

Customers have access to a secure cloud platform, offering full contract visibility and management capability. Secured and accredited to Government run Cyber Essentials certification.

The Tidyco Climate Control Division specialises in the installation, service and repair of all types of industrial and commercial heating and cooling systems, including; air conditioning, evaporative cooling and radiant & warm air heating systems.

Tidyco work in partnership with FMs and provide expert advice and support on all aspects of HVAC services; from initial equipment selection, supply and on-site installation, right through to the whole- life maintenance of the system; ongoing upgrades or repairs are provided as and when they become necessary.

Tidyco Climate Control is passionate about providing the facilities management industry with highly-efficient and reliable systems; delivering significant energy savings while reducing a building's carbon footprint and providing employees with a comfortable working environment.

Tidyco is accredited to a number of internationally-recognised standards, including ISO 9001. The group is REFCOM and gas safe registered and they are F-Gas and Gas Safe accredited.


London-based Cleanology is taking chemical-free cleaning to the next level with the roll out of the world’s first biotech wipe for tablets and mobile phones, and first pre-portioned cleaning fluids and floor cleaner in sachets.

CEO Dominic Ponniah described the innovation as revolutionary: “As with all cleaning products that require dilution, people often use too much. An extra cupful of solution may not seem disastrous, but multiply that over a year, and across the 450,000 people working in the cleaning industry, and the impact becomes significant both for the cleaning firm and its facilities management client. The cleaning firm ends up buying larger quantities of product, and paying more to transport it; not to mention the environmental impact of extra journeys, waste generation, and the unnecessary manufacture of products.”

Cleanology has introduced its own range of pre-portioned biotechnology solutions and wipes. The wipes are impregnated with biotechnology solution and pre-diluted with water.

Biotechnology uses enzymes to access even the hardest-to-reach areas, to ‘eat’ dirt and bacteria. The tiny molecules carry on working days after application. The products act in three ways to create a clean, odour-free environment. First, biodegradable agents are diluted in cold water to lift dirt from surfaces; next, laboratory-made fermentation extracts break the dirt down into smaller particles, making them even more soluble. Finally, natural micro-organisms work their way under porous surfaces, digesting newly-dissolved dirt and eliminating residual odours. Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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