Is your Facilities Management service visible only to your fellow FM professionals? Do you want

community to proactively contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy? Would you like to improve the corporate wellbeing of your organisation and create a connected workforce?

Concept Advantage from FSI is a social media platform, connecting FM to your entire workplace via a suite of specific user apps.

Users can interact and connect with their building, encouraging contribution and collaboration within the workplace community for an enhanced workplace experience.

Concept Advantage can be used by anyone and everyone in an organisation, from facilities management to the general workforce, from building occupiers to owner occupiers, from managing agents to sub-contractors, and anyone inbetween.

Apps include:

• ChatLog: a sociable facilities helpdesk experience for use by end users

• Our Say: a community suggestion and voting tool

• Register a Visitor: pre-book in a visitor and receive notifications of their arrival.

Concept Advantage is integrated with the Concept Evolution CAFM solution from FSI. Engage your entire workplace community with Concept Advantage apps to encourage your entire workplace

DECOTHANE ULTRA Sika Liquid Plastics

Quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics replicated throughout Sika Liquid Plastics – visible in its products, manufacturing processes and research and development.

Since 1963 we have produced an extensive range of high performance, technologically-advanced

coatings and membranes for the

protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies. Manufactured in the UK, these products are leaders in their fields because of their unique properties and ability to outlast and outperform traditional counterparts. Also available is a complete range of cold applied built-up roofing systems (BURs) including warm, inverted, solar PV and green roof systems

Our flagship product, Decothane was created in 1987, making 2017 its 30th anniversary. Suitable for use on flat and pitched roof systems, Decothane is a totally seamless, single pack, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane.

Cold applied, thus eliminating the risk of a naked flame during installation, Decothane is quick and easy to apply and its low-odour qualities make it ideal for sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools and food and beverage plants.

High performance, polyurethane coatings, which are moisture triggered to accelerate the curing process upon contact. Decothane was complemented with the introduction of Decothane Ultra in 2014.

Further peace of mind comes from our range of guarantees which protect against the failure of watertightness caused by incorrect design, defective materials or poor workmanship. Available for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years, depending on the specification, our waterproofing systems offer unrivalled life cycle cost savings.

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