WearMax from Traffik is the first high-tech floor seal system to incorporate ceramic components and is now available in the UK and Ireland.

The benefits of the WearMax ceramic floor seal system are broad and the opportunities endless. Whether installing a new floor and looking to protect it for longevity and easy maintenance, looking to extend the life of an existing floor or looking to enhance a tired floor coming to the end of its lifecycle - WearMax is the answer.

Most importantly the system comes with a 5-10 year warranty - a first for hard-floor sealants in the UK.

WearMax Ceramic Seal -Clear: New or existing clear wear layers on vinyl and lino floors can be protected leaving floors looking bright and fit-for-purpose.

WearMax Ceramic seal - Coloured: Traffik can add a new ceramic layer in colour so that you can recolour/refurbish existing floors.

WearMax Ceramic Seal Anti-Slip: Traffik specialises in slip prevention, using cutting-edge technology to make any hard floor surface slip-resistant.

WearMax Ceramic Seal Medical Pro Plus: Traffik can provide an antibacterial solution for clinical areas that can be used on plastic PVC , linoleum floors, synthetic rubber flooring, as well as on wood and parquet floors .

WearMax Ceramic Seal Anti Static/ESD: Don’t let your business incur charges through your floor. Traffik can make any hard floor surface anti-static and DIN ESD compliant.

WHISPER GOLD Northwood Hygiene Products

Northwood Hygiene Products’ new premium tissue range is more than meeting expectations amongst the sophisticated and discerning users of a range of high quality locations.

The Whisper range is the complete package, offering toilet tissue, facial tissue and kitchen towels.

Whisper Gold is a 3ply toilet tissue of exceptional softness derived from the combination of a high-quality pure pulp base sheet featuring a contemporary micro-embossed pattern with the further refinement of added lamination.

This luxury tissue stands comparison with any on the market and is finding its place in customer-facing locations where the expectation of quality is a given such as London’s Ritz Hotel

Hotel rooms, restaurants, modern office developments and exclusive leisure facilities all benefit from the provision of the refinement of the Whisper range, completing the feeling of attention to detail and comfort.

Northwood has of course recognised that although the prime requirement is quality, differing outlets demand differing formats and specifications to ensure that each can maximise cost in use with no fall in standards

So Whisper can also provide toilet tissue both as a flat pack option and a Pillar Wrap option. Facial tissues with their superior soft feel come in standard-sized boxes, cubed boxes and larger sheet presentation.

Together with the kitchen towels, the newly updated Whisper range offers strength, quality and softness under a well-regarded and growing brand name.

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