PTSG CLARITY Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG)

Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is one of Europe’s leading providers of façade access and fall arrest equipment services, lightning protection and electrical testing, specialist building access and fire solutions.

PTSG provides highly-engineered industrial products and quality services and has a substantial presence in a number of niche markets, with a particularly strong standing in the facilities management sector.

Founded in 2007, the multi-award-winning organisation has grown quickly and organically, and now boasts a 650-strong team operating from 17 UK-wide locations working across disciplines to deliver one complete solution for clients. PTSG’s value-adding bundled service provision saves clients the time, effort and cost of looking for multiple companies to provide the services PTSG delivers ‘under one roof’.

The company’s agile and responsive teams now care for 150,000 buildings on behalf of 17,000 customers worldwide. Its year-on-year growth and outstanding reputation across each of its core market sectors is undeniably down to a motivation to inspire its teams and help the industry grow through leading innovation and unrivalled ambition.

PTSG continues to evolve in a fluid trading and economic environment, embracing the fast-changing dynamics of the business world. The company’s software development team has created Clarity, a new proprietary technology that will help PTSG grow its competitive advantage through innovation and continue to deliver shareholder value.

After months of development and comprehensive trials, Clarity is successfully being rolled out across the business, not only making the PTSG boat go faster, but also providing clients with a much smoother, more enjoyable journey.


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Refresh Azure FOAM cartridges provide a highly hygienic solution. The cartridge and foam pump are ultrasonically-sealed during the manufacturing process to protect the product, while the unique, patented pump is designed to prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use enabling it to minimise the risk of external contamination; this also removes any wastage. Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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