Washroom congestion can be a real problem in high-traffic wash- rooms in stadiums and concert halls.

Long queues cause dissatisfaction among guests while leaving them little time to visit the food and drink concessions or buy souvenirs and this can impact on the venue’s profits.

Hand-drying is a major cause of washroom holdups, particularly where air dryers are supplied since even the fastest take at least 10 seconds to dry the hands. A hand towel dispenser enables the visitor to take a towel and move on - but problems still occur if the dispenser jams or the towels run out.

Washroom hygiene manufacturer Essity has developed a system that prevents jamming and ensures a continuous towel supply, even in the busiest of washrooms. The Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel Dispenser is among the most significant hand drying innovations to have emerged in the past 20 years.

The unit serves over 1,000 guests between refills – 600 more than other hand towel dispensers. The towels are compressed during production to make them twice as compact and they are delivered in a continuous action from the top to eliminate jams. Towel delivery takes just three seconds - less than a third of the time it takes to dry the hands with even the fastest of air dryers.

The dispenser can be topped up with a new bundle of Tork PeakServe towels at any time to prevent any break in supply and reduce the time spent on maintenance checks. Lower labour costs, quicker drying, greater profits and happier guests all spell great news for high-traffic venues.

PEST CONTROL SERVICES Cleankill Environmental Services

With headquarters in Croydon, Surrey, and offices in Sussex, Cleankill Environmental Services has been providing commercial pest control services in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and further afield for commercial customers for over 15 years. The majority of their work is commercial and the company specialises in working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger businesses.

Cleankill tailor their service to the individual needs of each site and were proud to keep several London 2012 Olympic venues pest-free.

Cleankill use the most up-to-date pest control technology available and the latest techniques to keep premises pest-free. Non-toxic pest control methodology is used wherever possible.

Effective pest control is not just about providing clean and healthy working conditions and peace of mind. It’s also about proactively communicating with customers about what has been done and what will be done in the future. As such, all Cleankill pest control activity is recorded, providing clients with instant written reports, using digital pen technology, along with recommendations, actions taken and advice on how to reduce the risk of infestation.

Contract customers are also entitled to free call-outs for problems occurring between regular inspections. Tweet us @TomorrowsFM

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