RELOCATION SERVICES Pickfords Business Solutions

Pickfords Business Solutions is a leading relocation service provider to companies across the UK. Its professional service supports thousands of offices, schools, hospitals and government departments with their relocation, expansion, downsizing and refurbishment projects.

A complete portfolio of services is available to clients, including project management, asset verification, relocation, recycling, and storage.

When disposing of furniture and IT equipment, Pickfords ensures clients are fully compliant with legislation. An authorised waste carrier, Pickfords follows the government's waste management hierarchy to make best use of clients' old furniture and IT. Assets are fully tagged and tracked to be recycled, resold or placed with start- ups, community groups and charities. This service is integrated at the time of clients' relocation projects, ensuring continuity between their move and disposal requirements.

Pickfords is at the forefront of innovation within their industry. Last year, the company invested in video technology to allow surveys to take place at client premises without the need to travel. This time- saving app, designed for smaller relocations and recycling projects, allows two-way video conferencing via smart phone.

In 2017, Pickfords introduced asset verification, combining locally- trained verifiers with specialist software, enabling FMs to keep track of their assets. Pickfords photographs and digitally catalogues items at client premises, which are then accessible by the client for online management.

As a member of the British Association of Removers' Commercial Moving Group, Pickfords delivers a professionally qualified, quality service. Pickfords' processes are regularly audited and assessed by third parties, ensuring the best possible service delivery to their clients.

RENCLEAN Denis Rawlins Ltd

One of the trickiest tasks in floor cleaning has been transformed by a quick and easy one-person cleaning method.

Escalators can now be cleaned within minutes using RENclean – with better results and at a fraction of the cost of specialist cleaning machines.

Patented in the US and new to the UK, RENclean uses an engineered sponge that slots into the threads of an escalator or travelator.

The pad is first soaked in its trough of solution, then placed against the combplate using a telescopic handle. As the oncoming treads pass through the pad, it removes and absorbs the dirt, grease and soils from the escalator. A full cleaning cycle takes between three and five minutes; pads are washable and reusable.

Maintenance and cleaning teams responsible for some of London’s longest and busiest escalators said this elegantly simple tool cleaned better than a machine. Demonstrations in a department store, mall and airport were similarly positive, as facility managers noted the difference under foot as well as to the eye.

“On escalators slips are likely to have far more serious consequences than other falls, yet they tend to be cleaned less often and less effectively than adjacent flooring,” says James White, MD of Denis Rawlins Ltd, RENclean distributor.

“RENclean is simple, economical and effective. It can be easily integrated into routine cleaning, avoiding the need for costly machines or cleaning specialists. It’s also ideal for tackling spills quickly, or restorative cleaning. So, we’re not surprised by the huge interest from across the industry.”

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