Cheaper raw materials are key for Umka’s expansion

production capacity to more than 200,000 tonnes and change to more economic raw materials the papermaker had equipment from Voith’s Blueline portfolio installed. Part of the project was an


upgrade of the stock preparation with an InjectaCell Compact flotation unit and InfiltraDiscfilter disc filter. Prior to the upgrade, Umka has supplied 30 European countries with cardboard in three quality grades. The increased capacity gives the company, founded in 1939, the opportunity to tap into other markets. Following increased demand for the bright white recovered paper used by Umka, prices increased, so it turned to more cost-effective raw materials such as newspaper and magazine paper as a source. Investing in a new stock

preparation system was therefore necessary. “Previously, we worked with one loop and without a flotation system, but the planned changes were inconceivable with this arrangement. Our long-term goals could only be realised by

s part of an upgrade by Serbia’s Umka d.o.o. to almost double cardboard

Pulp Paper & Logistics

integrating a flotation unit into a second loop,” explained Dragoslav Nešković, project leader at Umka. The Voith team’s first task was

to extend the existing stock preparation to deal with the new challenges, such as reliably removing contaminants including inks, stickies and glue from the paper suspension. To increase storage capacity of the stock preparation and to separate water loops from paper machine

for improved paper machine performance, a disc filter was installed. To integrate the new machines

into the existing building, Umka selected the CC2/44 InjectaCell Compact flotation unit in combination with an IDF370 InfiltraDiscfilter. “The compact flotation

technology is quite new. However, the feedback from all customers which operate InjectaCell

Compact has always been very positive,” says Voith’s Dr Antje Voiron.

The BM1 currently produces about 130,000 tonnes of paper, and Umka is already taking a positive view: “The performance of the InjectaCell Compact and the InfiltraDiscfilters has fully met our expectations. Our employees also appreciate the easy operation and reliability of Voith products,” says Nešković.

Coated board machine for GPI’s Kalamazoo mill

US-based paper maker Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has ordered a coated board machine from Valmet for its mill at Kalamazoo in Michigan. “Valmet has offered us

innovative yet proven technology to reach our high product quality

November/December 2019

targets,” says Rusty Miller, senior vice president for engineering and technology at GPI. “We have had a long and good cooperation with Valmet. Our relationship is based on mutual trust, which is very important in large projects like this one.

The board machine will produce

coated recycled board (CRB) grades (white line chip board, WLC grades) with a capacity of about 454,000 tonnes a year when it starts up in the first half of 2022. Graphic Packaging International, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a

market leader in coated recycled paperboard, coated unbleached kraft paperboard and solid bleached sulphate paperboard. Sales in 2018 were about US$6 billion. It has more than 70 facilities and 17,000 employees worldwide.

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