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Successful startup for Europe’s largest MG paper machine


urope’s largest MG paper machine, which was started up by Andritz at

Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria two weeks early at the end of May, is said to be setting new benchmarks in the production of environmentally-friendly paper for flexible packaging and release applications. With a working width of 5.4

metres and a design speed of 1,400 metres per minute, the PM3 machine has capacity to produce 100,000 tonnes of grades with low basis weight and highest strength with good printability and smoothness levels. Zellstoff Pöls AG says the machine exceeded all expectations in the first four weeks after start-up, with design capacity being reached in stable

operations within three months. Paper grades with basis weights between 22 and 52 g/sqm were produced. The heart of the PrimeLine MG

paper machine is the PrimeDry MG Steel Yankee, which is the largest of its kind in the world

with a diameter of 24 feet (7.315 m), beating a record established in 2013 when the PM2 machine was started up in Pöls with a 22- feet Yankee. All process technologies, including the stock preparation line and approach flow system

were provided by Andritz. One of the key components is the new Vertical Screw Thickener (VST), which dewaters the pulp efficiently from a consistency at inlet of 3 per cent to between 25 and 30 per cent at the outlet. Jürgen Rieger, production manager at Zellstoff Pöls AG, commented: “We were very impressed with start-up and the first few months in operation that followed, just as we were with start-up of PM2 by Andritz in 2013. Commencing operations ahead of schedule with a plant of this complexity is really exceptional.” Siegfried Gruber, overall

project manager for PM3 added: “Collaboration with the team from Andritz was excellent, and this was also reflected in the outstanding PM3 start-up curve.”

Dezhou Taiding in China orders fibreline

Chinese paper maker Dezhou Taiding New Material Science and Technology has ordered a pre-conditioning refiner chemical alkaline peroxide mechanical pulp (P-RC APMP) fibreline from Andritz. The system at Dezhou Taiding’s mill in Shandong province will process poplar as the raw material, and the fibre produced will be used on the papermaker’s own machines for printing and writing paper and board grades. It will have a capacity of 400 tons per day when started up in the third quarter of 2020. Andritz will supply the key

components for the mechanical fibreline, ranging from chip washing to the reject treatment system.

Engineering, training, supervision of the mechanical installation, commissioning and start-up are included in the project. The MSD 400 Impressafiner is said to assure a high degree of chip delamination and thus contributes to uniform bulk density and optimum removal of moisture and extractives. Pre-bleaching of chips as well as high-consistency refining by a S2070 single-disc refiner will improve pulp quality and keep shives as low as possible. Dezhou Taiding was founded in 1998 and today is a joint- stock company serving the pulp production, papermaking and thermo-electricity business.

November/December 2019

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