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Mitsubishi’s combined heat and power deal in Germany extended

energy to Mitsubishi HiTec Paper at its Bielefeld mill in Germany since 2013 is to be extended for another five years. Mitsubishi HiTec Paper signed the deal in September with public utility company Bielefeld Stadtwerke to continue supplying the mill with electricity and steam. Joint managing directors of Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, Dr Martin Schreer and Andreas Jastrzembowski, said: “We are delighted to continue this collaboration with Stadtwerke Bielefeld. All of our heat and power has been supplied by our partner, with whom we have had good experience for 15 years. A reliable and sustainable efficient


collaboration in which a combined heat and power (CHP) facility has been providing

have relied on renewable energies for years and support energy transition. This also includes highly efficient combined heat and power plants such as those in Bielefeld Hillegossen.” In the next five years, Stadtwerke

The managing directors of Mitsubishi HiTec Paper and Bielefeld Stadtwerke have continued the consortium that provides energy from a CHP plant

energy supply is enormously important for our production.” Martin Uekmann and Rainer Müller, managing directors of Stadtwerke Bielefeld, also commented: “The plant in

Hillegossen makes a significant contribution to energy transition. That’s another reason why we are pleased that Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has decided to continue working with us. As a company, we

Automated board machine for JK Paper in India

A highly-automated board machine with internet links has been ordered from Valmet by JK Paper for its Fort Songadh mill in India. JK Paper is planning to increase its share of the growing Indian market with more local supply when the machine starts up at the end of 2020, which will increase its total capacity to 800,000 tons a year. S K Jain, head of the packaging

board project at JK Paper, commented: “To increase

November/December 2019

our market share, we wanted to invest in coated board technology we could really rely on. For this reason, we tested the technology concepts at Valmet’s pilot facilities. “We are also planning to use

the piloting services to further develop our paper board products later in the project. Valmet’s know-how on coated board making with a long list of good references further strengthened our decision,” The package will include a new

coated board machine, from the headboxes to reel with air dryers, chemical systems, heat recovery and other boardmaking systems. The coating is applied in multiple coating stations including an advanced Opti Coat Layer coating station, which applies two coating layers simultaneously. A disc filter from Valmet’s new Mill Process Solutions Business Unit (former GL&V) and an automation system with Valmet Performance Center (VPC) services that

feature on-demand expert support will also be included . The 4.25-metre wire width machine will produce folding boxboard, solid bleached board and cup and barrier board grades. Founded in 1962, JK Paper

Ltd has two large integrated paper manufacturing units, JK Paper Mills at Rayagada, Odisha and Central Pulp Mills at Songadh, Gujarat, with a current combined annual capacity of 455,000 tons.

Bielefeld will invest around €2.2 million in further modernising of the facility, a highly-efficient CHP plant that saves around 14,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year compared to conventional production. Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH is the German subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd, a leading manufacturer of speciality papers. With 750 employees, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe produces high- quality direct thermal, inkjet, carbonless, label and barrier papers at its two mills, Bielefeld and Flensburg.

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