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World’s largest and fastest kraftliner machine for Ilim Group


ussia’s largest pulp and paper maker, Ilim Group, is working on a project to significantly

expand its kraftliner capacity with a new line at Ust-Ilimsk mill in eastern Siberia. The Voith line will be the largest

and fastest kraftliner machine in the world with capacity for up to 600,000 tons a year when it starts up in 2021, it is claimed. Ilim Group already produces

more than three million tons of paper products a year. Core of the PM1 line will be the latest-generation XcelLine with a wire width of 10.3 metres which with a speed of up to 1,200 metres per minute will have capacity to daily produce 2,150 tons of kraftliner with basis weights of between 80 and 175 grams per square metre, making it the most productive of its type in the world, says Voith. In addition to the XcelLine machine, two BlueLine stock

preparation systems are also included – one for hardwood pulp, the other for softwood pulp. “Ilim sees its leadership role not only as the largest pulp and paper product manufacturer, but also as an investor into state-of- the-art innovative technologies. This investment decision was based on impressive results demonstrated by Ilim Group in the Asian market,” said Xenia Sosnina, general director of Ilim Group. “We know this market well and see its opportunities. The contract we have signed is one of the largest in the history of the Russian pulp and paper industry.

Our project will be one of the most advanced high-tech projects in the global pulp and paper industry, and will provide the Asian market with the volumes of high quality products it demands.” As part of the process line

package (PLP), Voith will have responsibility for the project, ensuring that the plant starts up safely, on schedule and with precisely coordinated components. Voith says the PLP will connect required interfaces and contact people and simplifies the project handling, which ultimately also reduces costs. Voith will provide system

Performance agreement renewed at Whakatane Mill

A multi-year agreement for continuous performance service has been signed between Valmet and Whakatane Mill Ltd for its PM3 line in New Zealand. The original performance

agreement was signed in 2014 and was later extended for a three- year period. This renewal is the second extension with continuous and systematic development of Whakatane PM3’s productivity and quality with targets regarding availability and optimisation.

November/December 2019

on site has worked closely with Valmet’s global experts over the past five years to achieve the agreed targets. “We plan to bring the machine and our cooperation to next level.”

From left: Pierre de Villiers of Valmet, and Juha Verajankorva and Mark Hammond from the Whakatane Mill

“Valmet is an experienced

service provider and supports us to get the most out of our existing

assets,” says Peter McLaverty, head of continuous improvement at Whakatane Mill Ltd. “Our team

Owned by SIG Corporation since 2010, Whakatane Mill operates one board machine and an integrated stoneground wood pulp mill, and produces 140,000 tonnes of liquid packaging board and folding boxboard a year.

components including screens for each section, as well as comprehensive Papermaking 4.0 digitising technologies. It is also responsible for the electrical equipment and the entire drive system of the plant. “Voith is partnering with Ilim Group in this historical and outstanding project,” says Christoph Müller-Mederer, president for projects in the EMEA region at Voith Paper. “It will become a milestone for the Russian pulp and paper industry, and we are proud to contribute with our deep experience and latest innovations.”

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