8 LOGISTICS Lift truck simplifies the loading

of trailers with paper reels With adaptations, lower capacity lifting trucks are able to meet the specific requirements of handling paper reels. PPL reports

recommendations, Hyster Europe has specially optimised its J5.5XN6 electric lift truck. “When transporting paper reels


by road, it is typical industry best practice to load and position the reels down the centre line of the lorry trailer in single file to help evenly distribute weight and improve stability,” says Josie Burrell, industry manager for Hyster Europe. “This would ordinarily require

a 7-tonne capacity lift truck with an attachment spacer to reach over the trailer bed and handle the reel,” she adds. “However, the J5.5XN6 lift truck with tilting carriage option and a reel clamp attachment makes all of this possible with a 5.5-tonne capacity lift truck instead.”

The electric J5.5XN6 lift truck design extends capability in arduous paper reel handling applications more effectively than simply increasing the lift capacity.

This is combined with a hydraulic tilting carriage which increases reach by 250mm at lorry bed height, ideal for efficiently loading reels onto a trailer in the correct position. To help reduce costly potential damage to paper reels with the truck mast on full forward tilt, the Hyster tilting carriage option truck brings the paper reel clamp back to a horizontal level. This, combined with the stability of the extended load centre, helps

the paper reels to be placed flat, reducing damage to the edge of the reel.

A chain slack prevention

valve also helps avoid wrapper damage. When the clamped load is stacked and the mast lowering function is operated, this feature prevents the mast chain from losing tension. Therefore, when the clamp attachment arms are opened, they do not slip and damage the roll wrapper. “The right choice of attachment

is key for both efficiency and damage avoidance in paper reel handling operations,” says Burrell. “However, there are a number of additional options and upgrades that may help too.” This includes environment

protection features, such as a belly pan, tilt cylinder boots and a sealed drive axle to prevent the ingress of dust. Also available are cameras to aide operator accuracy, detection systems that are truck-

November/December 2019

to-truck, truck-to-object and truck-to-pedestrian and tracker telematics for fleet management. The electric Hyster J5.5XN6 lift truck also offers space saving benefits, with a compact design and zero turn radius axle making it easy to manoeuvre in both the warehouse and the loading bay, and is said to be tough enough to withstand all weathers when used outdoors. “Organisations in the paper supply chain are often keen to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Burrell. “This electric lift truck offers zero emissions and a low energy performance mode option, providing an environmentally friendly solution but with no compromise on performance.” Hyster says its range of lift trucks and warehouse equipment offers low cost of ownership, with long service intervals, maintenance free AC traction and hoist systems, and easy serviceability.

o simplify the process of loading trailers with paper reels in line with industry best practice

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