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Figure 2: Premium solution: Eight-shaft weave pattern on the machine side

meets demands for maximum abrasion resistance. The machine- side construction, in keeping with the general Primoselect concept, offers a range of options depending upon requirements and objectives. Therefore, the proportion of the NRG high- performance monofilaments can vary between 50 and 100 per cent.

Figure 3: Reassuringly low coefficient of friction

HD+ design combine two core aspects which until now have not been available in combination in any other forming fabric,” says Parsons, who explains why. Firstly, the Plus alternatives

are characterised by an eight- shaft weave pattern on the

machine side, as shown in Figure 2. Secondly, the machine-side cross-direction yarns, designated with the name NRG, benefit from an especially low coefficient of friction, (as shown in Figures 3 and 4). This special design and material combination also

One design – many benefits Improved wear resistance and, in particular, a lower CoF are assured with the Plus varieties: “Papermakers will make noticeable energy savings,” claims Parsons. In itself, the eight- shaft construction is nothing new, as this has been standard in the industry for some time, but Heimbach believes the combination of weave pattern and materials is revolutionary. Add to this improved cleanliness, reduced fibre carry and lower

energy consumption, with the latter attributable to the new material combination, as well as a more open structure and reduced caliper of the Primoselect weave. With the elimination of the redundant second binder yarn, fabrics are thinner and water can flow through the structure more quickly. “The water removal is excellent,”

explains Parsons, explaining that apart from the fact that each Primoselect fabric has a lower void volume, new material only absorbs small amounts of fluid (water absorption is 0.3 per cent as shown in Figure 5). This means a very high drainage capacity with first-class retention, and also reduces costs for chemical additives. Parson concludes: “We are now discussing the Plus variant with more and more customers, and all installations up to press are highly promising.”

Figure 4: Superior wear resistance with NRG – the high performance monofilament.

Figure 5: Water absorption of only 0.3 per cent

4 November/December 2019

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