20 HEIMBACH New possibilities in forming

A range of low-friction forming fabrics using new weave patterns offers lower energy consumption, says Heimbach. PPL reports

papermakers can expect even more lifetime, formation and energy savings. Primoselect Plus (+) is set to expand the benefits offered by the patented product line.

W Olli Kääpä, Heimbach’s vice

president for products, says that over the past few years Heimbach has strategically extended its forming fabric product portfolio.

Long experience with multi- layer forming fabrics Anyone who understands the importance of runnability and cost reduction “will always find the right solution with Heimbach,” says Kääpä, referring to savings potential in terms of energy, raw materials and additives, as well as paper quality. “As with every product

innovation, it was critical in this case to show increased benefits for our customers” he explains. Now a new chapter has begun,

ith Heimbach’s new addition to its Primoselect forming portfolio

says Kääpä, looking back to the late 1990s, when the first sheet support binding (SSB) fabrics came on the market. These forming fabrics brought a change to the business of papermaking, due to the fine paper side surface and robust machine side that were made possible by integrated binder yarns. “We were part of this from the beginning, when these designs became universally popular, and in the meantime, we have become established among the leading suppliers. Our classic Primobond and Primocross brands have been well proven for many years in the most diverse applications.”

Responding to every need Kääpä, who has worked at Heimbach for more than 25 years, points to the widened product range in the forming section, as shown in Table 1. “Heimbach continues to offer

tailor-made solutions for all types of paper – from pulp to tissue. With Primoselect, which we

Table 1: Forming fabric portfolio at a glanceopen structure

unveiled in 2013, papermakers are able take advantage of previously unprecedented possibilities thanks to the patented weaving design which comprises only one integrated binding yarn,” says Kääpä. This is illustrated in Figure 1.

The papermaker contributes to

Figure 1: Primoselect with just one binder yarn – all unnecessary yarns are removed giving a more open structure

November/December 2019

A double plus “The Plus+ designs effectively constitute a stand-alone product line,” says Hamish Parsons, strategic product manager for forming at Heimbach. In addition to Primoselect SF+ (Super Fine) for graphical applications now, Heimbach also offers Primoselect HD+ (Heavy Duty), a design developed specifically for packaging applications. These fabrics also meet the challenge of being able to combine several benefits. “The

the precise specification by prioritising needs such as formation, lifetime, former hygiene or energy savings. Primoselect scores highly on the last point in particular, with energy savings a priority with the new Plus (+) varieties.

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