First tissue line start up in Dominican Republic


ésar Iglesias in the Dominican Republic has started tissue manufacturing and

converting with a new line at its Santo Domingo mill that includes a steel Yankee dryer supplied by Toscotec. The TT SYD dryer is the first

installation in the Caribbean market for the Italian paper making equipment manufacturer. Jesús Feris Ferrús, technical

director at César Iglesias, says: “When we selected the supplier for this investment, we thought that the TT SYD’s superior performance and short delivery time made it the most competitive choice in the market. “This was our first cooperation with Toscotec and we have been

positively impressed by their technical and project management team. The energy efficiency of the TT SYD will allow us to reduce the manufacturing cost of our tissue line and give us a competitive advantage in the market.” Following start-up, Toscotec says the mill has seen a marked

increase of production capacity and energy savings in the drying section. Following R&D on Toscotec’s Steel

Yankee Dryer, the height, width and pitch of the internal ribs as well as the shell thickness achieved an optimum geometry, which guarantees efficient heat transfer.

The project also included the steam and condensate system, the Yankee coating spray boom, a new forming roll, as well as the complete overhaul service of press rolls. Toscotec’s pressure vessel

technical manager Simone Pieruccini adds: “As soon as we understood the customer’s need for a fast delivery, we rearranged the production schedule to reduce the construction time as much as we could. From a technical point of view, we were in tune with César Iglesias’ team, which made our first cooperation very easy for everybody.”

César Iglesias SA manufactures 27 brands of cleaning, home and personal care and food products with more than 2,000 employees and 21 factories.

Pulp Paper & Logistics

Pulp production record at Eldorado Brasil

A pulp production record of 5,576 ADmt/d was set at the Eldorado Brasil pulp mill at Três Lagoas, Brazil, in September. The MS2 line, which was provided by Andritz, also set a record for

November/December 2019

continuous running without a sheet break of 200 days. The mill, which started up at the

end of 2012, has since achieved a number of production records. Andritz delivered the wood yard,

complete fibreline, white liquor plant, and a new generation of pulp drying plants to Eldorado, including two parallel Twin Wire Former pulp machines, two airborne dryers, two cutter-layboys with a 6.67m

working width, and four bale finishing lines. Capacity of the Eldorado Brasil mill is around 1.8 million tons of dried, bleached eucalyptus market pulp a year.

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