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New lime kiln and fibreline for SCA Obbola kraftliner expansion

upgraded with key technologies provided by Valmet and Voith to meet growing demand for paper- based packaging. SCA is investing SEK7.5 billion (€700 million) over a five-year period at the mill to increase kraftliner production from 450,000 to 725,000 tonnes per year.

P The technology includes the

upgrade by Valmet of an existing fibreline that will start up in June 2021 and a new fossil-fuel-free lime kiln that will be started up in final quarter of 2021. “With the investment in the Obbola mill, we can meet the increased demand for sustainable packaging,” said Per Stand, project director at SCA. “We selected Valmet to deliver new technology for our pulp mill upgrade as we

ulp and kraftliner production at the SCA Obbola mill at Umeå in Sweden is to be

have had good experiences of Valmet technology at both our Obbola mill and other SCA mills.” The new lime kiln system will

replace two old oil-fueled lime kilns and will have a daily capacity of 220 tonnes burned lime. Equipment includes an OptiDisc Lime Mud Filter, Flash Dryer for lime mud drying, a high efficiency Rotary Cooler and a full Wood Powder Firing System for the lime kiln, including storage and grinding of wood pellets. The fibreline upgrade includes

hot stock refining after the digester using Conflo refiners. The brown stock washing will be improved by adding a new TwinRoll press as the last washing stage before the storage towers for the paper machine. As a result of the fibreline upgrade the daily capacity will increase from the current 850 to 1,100 air dry tons. Voith is providing a BlueLine stock preparation system, an

XcelLine paper machine, long- term efficiency agreement and a Voith Process Line Package (PLP). The new XcelLine PM2 paper machine will have a wire width of 10.2 metres and with a speed of 1,400 metres per minute will be the most productive of its kind when it starts up in the first quarter of 2023. Key features of the OCC plant include the IntensaPulper, the industry benchmark for energy efficient pulping, and the maintenance-free Bagless Disc Filters.

The multi-ply forming section with the DuoFormer Base and the MasterJet Pro headbox are tools for the online control of critical product quality criteria. The well-proven TripleNipcoFlex press section has been adapted for the production of kraftliner to achieve the highest production rates and surface quality levels. The CombiDuoRun dryer section,

including EvoDry steel dryers and an intelligent S&C system, will ensure maximum runnability and energy efficiency. The VariFlex Performance winder incorporating SmoothRun technology will provide consistent quality rolls at maximum operational efficiency. The long-term efficiency and

service agreement between SCA and Voith started in November 2019. With digital applications on the existing PM1 and a full-scale training programme for the paper mill team Voith said a smooth start-up of PM2 will be assured. “We know about the growing market for paper-based packaging,” said Christoph Mueller-Mederer, president of projects in the EMEA region at Voith. “Our intention is to enable our customer to achieve excellent mechanical properties through a customised concept with intelligent controls.”

November/December 2019

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