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PRODUCTS & SERVICES 25 Web imaging system enhanced by ABB

help manufacturers deliver products to specification. For fine paper and paperboard


makers who want to optimise printability of their end product, reduce rejects and achieve consistent output quality, Full Sheet Formation Analysis provides highly visualised measurement of paper uniformity for the full web. The new patent-pending feature can be used to redefine the standard of measurement accuracy, and more precise analysis of formation, helping papermakers better optimise established properties to achieve higher quality.

wo new features have been added to ABB’s Web Imaging System which is designed to

While traditional measurement

techniques look at only a small portion of the web and may not reveal the floc sizes or shapes, ABB’s full-sheet system leverages proprietary methods, processing parallelism, and the flexibility of the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based smart camera to reveal and classify paper formation floc sizes and shapes. This greatly improves the ability to determine uniformity while removing misleading results. For linerboard and liquid

packaging manufacturers that require accurate detection and analysis of wrinkle formation, Real-Time Wrinkle Count provides online measurement and analysis of all paper web-based products.

The new feature is said to be the only system available for pulp and paper manufacturers that identifies wrinkles and aggregates the data to easily reveal problems across the web in real time, giving papermakers a competitive edge on maintaining quality. The feature captures up to 1.4 million wrinkle defects per camera and sends alerts when KPIs are outside of user-defined thresholds. It then aligns defect maps to sample machine or cross direction location. It provides highly consistent results, enables precise laboratory correlation, enables better management of the process, and reduces the amount of rejects. “The launch of these two

powerful new features demonstrates our continued investment in our Web Imaging System and reinforces our commitment to helping papermakers achieve the highest quality in their product output,” said Stephen Mitchell, product manager for web imaging at ABB. “We are determined to push the industry forward with the development of new measurement techniques that use the most advanced technology to make online quality control easier to achieve.” More information from ABB Inc, 579 Executive Campus Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43082, USA. Tel: 1 614 818 6300. Website: www.

November/December 2019

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