Pulp Paper & Logistics

PROJECTS & CONTRACTS 27 Upgrade for Oberkirch mill’s PM5 line T

he Oberkirch paper mill of August Koehler is having its PM5 machine modernised by Voith.

The plan is for the machine

to be developed so that it is more competitive with greater flexibility as a result of higher efficiency, with fewer web breaks leading to less downtime. The upgrade with ‘high-tech

components’ will enable the mill to produce paper coated on both sides to be produced with a larger operating window. The paper machine is also being prepared for a speed increase in a possible second expansion phase. Voith’s upgrade incorporates a SpeedSizer AT applicator unit, which is ideal for fast running paper machines, a qDryPro Compact contactless high-performance dryer, and a PrevoSystem for short and reliable threading. For the pulpers in the press and reeling section, new pulping units are to be installed for more effective

pulping of the broke. “The main reasons for

upgrading our PM5 are to increase efficiency, improve flexibility to allow a wider range of paper grades, and reduce costs,” says Hartmut Felsch, Oberkirch mill and division

director for the papermaker, whose full name is Papierfabrik August Koehler SE. One of the few independent

family-owned paper makers Germany, Koehler Paper Group was founded more than 200 years ago and now has sales of around

Operational improvements for pulping at Lee & Man

A chemical removal process is being supplied to Lee & Man’s pulp mill at Chongqing in China by Veolia.

The chloride and potassium

removal system featuring HPD processes is designed to improve pulping operations that support the production of packaging containerboard and tissue paper Lee & Man, one of the world’s leading paper producers, has been manufacturing linerboards and corrugated packaging

products since 1994. More recently it has also become a leading tissue paper producer. Facial and bath tissue grades manufactured by Lee & Man are said to be cost competitive due to the integration of a 180,000 tons per year unbleached bamboo pulp line that blends kraft pulp and eco-friendly bamboo fibres at the Chongqing mill. Using a two-stage crystallisation

process, Veolia’s ECRP is designed to treat 72 tons per day of

precipitator ash to recover 93 per cent of the sodium and remove 89 per cent of the chlorides and 96 per cent of potassium in the ash.

This enables Lee & Man to

maximise sodium chemical savings while maintaining high chloride and potassium removal that prevents the undesired accumulations in the precipitator ash, which if left uncontrolled, can create corrosion and significant capacity losses due to

boiler fouling. “Veolia is pleased to help Lee & Man further optimise their production site in Chongqing. As we have proven to other recyclers and kraft pulp producers, Veolia makes it possible to reach a substantial reduction in persistent non-process elements while achieving significant chemical savings that reduce operating costs” says Jim Brown, executive vice president at Veolia Water Technologies Americas.

November/December 2019

€900 million (US$997m). With headquarters at Oberkirch,

Koehler operates mills in Kehl, Greiz and Weisenbach, with 1,850 staff who produce more than 500,000 metric tons a year of speciality papers and board for customers worldwide.

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