Pulp Paper & Logistics


Stora Enso provides tailored and secure Bridge Cloud portals for monitoring and tracking the pulp supply chain from manufacturers to consumers. For all hardware and software

components, Stora Enso offers installation, integration and maintenance services, ensuring an industry-grade, turn-key solution for our customers. The Hammer System for Pulp by

Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging and seamlessly integrates RFID tag quality control, encoding and applicator as well as a read verification system. The Hammer system consists of the Hammer Central Unit, off-the-shelf industrial-grade label applicator and RFID accessories. In many RFID applications there is a need to efficiently apply

the RFID tags to the products at high speed without interrupting industrial processes. At the same time as the RFID tag is applied, it should also be encoded and quality-controlled, and potential under-performing tags should be removed. The Hammer system is designed and built for industrial environments to satisfy these requirements. The Intelligent Pulp process digitises the pulping process. Once the ECO Bale tag is encoded and applied to the bale unit, a digital twin is created and the unit can be traced and analysed throughout the value chain. At every reading point, the

system associates newly-updated physical data, such as location information, with the digital twin, and uses this data to optimise the

process. This adds value, whether it is about improving warehouse management or optimising the production based on quality data. The digital twin is made possible with Stora Enso’s Sonar Readpoints and Bridge Middleware & Cloud. Sonar includes versatile reading

points such as gate, tunnel, clamp truck and hand-held read points, which are designed to meet customer needs. The Sonar system comes with a full installation kit, including a housing for harsh environments, connectivity modules, RF-cables, RFID readers, RFID antennas with customised mounting brackets and industrial PCs. Furthermore, Stora Enso takes care of the Sonar installations and maintenance services in the Intelligent Pulp Solution.

Bridge consists of software

components in the Intelligent Pulp solution. It starts with the Bridge Middleware running on Sonar Readpoints for controlling and fetching RFID data and integrating to local or cloud systems. The Bridge Edge Server works as a secure gateway between the Bridge Middleware and Cloud systems and complies to local mill IT requirements. Bridge Cloud, built on a

Microsoft Azure software platform, provides secure data storage, orchestration and access at global scale, as well as versatile APIs and applications to supply chain management. All these components are said to be seamlessly integrated and may be locally or remotely monitored with secure access.

November/December 2019

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