8/ JUNE 2019 THE RIDER MY SPIN: A Little Sooner Not Quicker

last reining show with the judge. I saw over the course of the weekend many things, but one thing I always see are a few exhibitors or horses start their stopping maneuver too soon. They rush their rundown - charge off like a bullet too quickly and miss their marker. They start their stop (:?) too quickly. As many of the famous trainers like Bob Avila say: “Timing is Everything.”

assistant, one of the main jobs is scribing. Another job that keeps the mind sharp. I love it. I’ve done it off and on for 27 yrs. I was watching some exhibitors at the

start cueing a little earlier then what they had previously been doing then the results were what they were looking for.

place to contemplate things..

a small engine guy that I could trust to take it too. I got the name of a great guy and was able to get the lawn tractor back today. I know what I’m doing tomorrow.... Another great

downs/stops and nailing it! It’s a matter of looking ahead. About my lawn tractor. In my defense, I didn’t have

I noticed that in the reining exhibitors doing their run-

“A Little Sooner, Not Quicker” If a rider were to plan their cues a little earlier and

Putting My Spin on Timing Reinersue @KISS Reiners

About Susan Dahl Susan Dahl, ORHA/NRHA past multiple champion, writer, blogger, author and clinician, retired certified professional horse trainer. Owner of Foundation Reining Training Cen- tre in Durham, ON. She specializes in effective horseman- ship, and reining. For more information on her services: judging, clinics or resale horses, please contact her on facebook, her website: or

15th Annual International Society for Equitation Science Conference

By Susan Dahl. I’m sitting in my sun room on a very

grey, wet day playing sudoku. It’s great for clearing my mind and to take a break from all the day to day stress. It helps me to focus and then I can think about things that I’ve put in the back of my mind to think about later. Sudoku keeps my mind sharp like

when I assist NRHA judge’s at horse shows. Though I consider myself a judge’s

Just serviced and ready to cut grass.

tor back from spring servicing. My grass is at least 10 inches tall! It will be quite a job cutting it for the first time. There’s a lesson here somewhere about timing in that situa- tion too.

About Timing I just got my old John Deere lawn trac-

minded of a saying I used to tell my stu- dents. I would mention it when students got too quick with their hands. This would often rattle the horse causing a failure on what the horse/rider combo were doing. And the rider would get frustrated. I developed a saying to explain on how to time their cues better.


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few times were exhibitors missing their markers which is a 2 point penalty. “Gotta hate when that happens.” It’s always about timing and feel isn’t it? When I noticed it a few times, I was re-

Back to the Show. What I noticed a

this conference will promote and en- courage the application of objective research and advanced practice to im- prove the welfare of horses in their as- sociations with humans. An

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lineup of high caliber speakers will be led by the Clever Hans Speaker


detailed information on speakers, ex- hibitors, demos and more. In line with the ISES mission,

ence is available on the Equitation Science website and The Horse Portal. Check for updates on the program, registration information, hotel accom- modations, transportation options, and local attractions. Follow the ISES2019 blog for

The 2019 International Society for Eq- uitation Science (ISES) conference is being held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada from August 19-21. With the theme “Bringing Science to the Stable” the conference will focus on mankind’s history with horses, what we have learned about horse-human interac- tions, and how we can continue to im- prove our relationships with these amazing animals All information about the confer-

Professor, University of Guelph) and Dr Cordelie DuBois will present the Canadian Codes of Practice and wel-

conference, Sunday August 18th, will give delegates an opportunity to try their hand at large animal rescue when Rusti, a 600-pound horse mannequin, may find himself in trouble. Dr Katrina Merkies (Associate

Dr Jonaki Bhattachararyya (Ethnoe- cologist and Senior Researcher, Fire- light Group) presenting a Canadian perspective with a focus on the cul- tural relationship between wild horses and indigenous peoples. Keynote speakers include Dr Sandra Olsen (Curator-in-Charge, Biodiversity In- stitute and Natural History Museum, University of Kansas) presenting a world perspective on our social evolu- tion with horses, Dr Camie Heleski (Senior Lecturer, University of Ken- tucky) covering current Equitation Science trends and discoveries, and Dr Nic de Brauwere (Head of Welfare, Rehabilitation and Education, Red- wings Horse Sanctuary) giving an overview of how behaviour change into the future can improve equine welfare. A practical day, preceding the

national Society for Equitation Sci- ence (ISES) conference!

fare assessment techniques. Business entrepreneurs of sophisticated tech- nology to measure biophysical aspects of ridden and handled horses will showcase their products. Sign up today for the 2019 Inter-

uitation Science (ISES) is a not-for- profit organisation that aims to facilitate research into the training of horses to enhance horse welfare and improve the horse-rider relationship.

For more information contact: ISES Honorary President Janne Winther-Christensen

Local Conference Organizer: Katrina Merkies, PhD Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph (519) 824-4120 x54707

About the International Society for Equitation Science The International Society for Eq-

For More Information Contact: A. L. Distributing Limited 1-888-345-2351

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