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Animal Welfare Watch - Ontario (AWWO) Another Update May 27, 2019

Here’s an update and analysis

from AWWO co-founder Mike Zim- merman on today’s stunning develop- ment on the Animal Welfare front: Sylvia Jones, the Solicitor Gen-

eral (SG) of Ontario, today proposed a Bill to amend the OSPCA Act that would enable her to appoint the Chief Inspector (CI) of the OSPCA. I guess I’ll mention here that this is at least a variant on what AWWO has been ad- vocating for some time. This is an astounding turn of

events. Only about a week ago on May 17, the SG implemented a regu- lation under the Act to enable humane societies to apply to the OSPCA CI for the authority to enforce the Act after the June 28 deadline the OSPCA had arbitrarily set for enforcing the law. The OSPCA then promptly blindsided the Minister by stating they’d block the new regulation from working by claiming there is no current CI to make those appointments even though they’ve left that position unfilled for about a year and technically their CEO is acting as the CI. I was involved with the provin-

cial government for a long time and I’ve never seen anything like this be- fore. Bills and regulations are usually thoroughly researched and meticu- lously constructed over a period of time, then consultations take place with stakeholders before being intro- duced. Watching these last two moves by the government is like watching

From Our Founder

Remembering JUNE 1985

Hi it’s me again…. The weather has been dreadful,

but better days are ahead for horse riding, getting broken bones at the rodeo’s and riding motorcycles es- pecially the ones with attitude like the HD’s Just a subtle reminder again

but June 2019 marks the beginning of our 50th year publishing The Rider. Big thanks for your support.

live, unrehearsed, badly performed tap-dancing when what was expected was a finely executed ballet. There are some interesting things

in the new Bill. Primarily, it enables the Chief Inspector to appoint “any person” as an investigator. In addition to the appointment of humane society employees, this could facilitate the government implementing the most important measures advocated by AWWO: the appointment of munici- pal employees to protect domestic an- imals, the appointment of Ministry of Agriculture employees to protect farm animals and horses and the appoint- ment of Ministry of Natural Resources employees to protect wildlife. Signif- icantly, this actually is the model AWWO recommends for the new sys- tem long-term even though the new Bill is set up to provide only “interim” measures. There are other problems with

the Bill including the fact that it is set up to be in effect only to January 1, 2020 (although that can be adjusted). And, again (like the May 17 regula- tion), it leaves the OSPCA involved in a number of ways such as dealing with appeals of orders and removals when these go to the Animal Care Review Board. It’s now become clear (maybe even to the government) that the OSPCA is not interested in actually protecting animals and will not likely support the implementation of these interim measures.

The Virgil Stampede, a peren-

nial Western Horse Association ap- proved show kicked off the show season with a double judge event. The show also had a special day just for Niagara area horse exhibitors on the Victoria Day weekend.

The Burlington Lions Club In-

ternational Horse Show suffered a big loss as they cancelled the show for 1985 citing lack of help. As luck would have it a group of area horse clubs and sponsors stepped up to the plate and rescued the show.

Have you noticed that the CNE

horse show is all but extinct? But back in 1985 they were advertising

The time has come for the Solic-

itor General to implement AWWO’s other recommendation re: interim measures: Go to the Provincial Guardian and Trustee and have a trustee appointed to manage the affairs of the OSPCA. That trustee would dis- miss the OSPCA senior management team, ensure what’s left of the organi- zation helps the province protect ani- mals in the interim and helps move towards new legislation for long-term animal protection that’s effective and accountable, and merges the assets of the organization into the new system. More analysis to follow...stay

tuned... Here is a link to the Bill:

OLA.ORG Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Act (Interim Period), 2019 Bill 117 from Parliament 42 Ses- sion 1 of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Ontario Society for the Pre- vention of Cruelty to Animals Amend- ment Act (Interim Period), 2019. - business/bills/parliament-42/session- 1/bill-117

For more information, please

visit Animal Welfare Watch - Ontario on Facebook or Contact Animal Wel- fare Watch

- Ontario at:

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Janice and Risty Schmidt to Receive 50 Year Legacy Breeder’s Award

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who have dedicated their livelihoods to maintaining the integrity of the American

for their 19 Days of FREE Horse Shows. How times have changed.

Crawford Farms in Keller,

Texas saw Cutting horse history made when a little known mare Bingo Quixote scored a phenome- nal 227 and the $100,000.00 prize. That would be worth $238,000.00 in 2019.

Ohio State University an-

nounced break throughs in the con- trol against parasites, particularly strongyles.

The WHAO were in full oper-

ational mode putting full page ads in The Rider for their Extravaganza

Do you love Fergus? Visit his website at:

The Rider had a feature article

by Gennie Cuthbertson titled “Colonel Greco The Godfather of Quarter Horse Racing in Ontario”. I read the full page feature and boy did it bring back memories . We raced our horse at Picov Downs. That was a time to remember for our family. Maybe I can convince Barry to rerun the story during our 50th.

My favourite horse Separate

Cheques, a Champion aged Supe- rior Race Horse, was standing at the ranch of Tim Lawrence in Erin. Here we were in June and horses were still being bred. Not anymore.

The AJQHA World Champi-

onship show returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 3-10.

The Family Savings Credit Union of St. Catherine’s Ontario be-

No one has offered a sug- gestion as to what the auto manufacturers so boldly proclaim as “Best in Class” I think I figured out how

show at the Paris Fair Grounds on the weekend of the Summer Sol- stice. Show chair was Greg Falsetti, Chief Steward, Butch Burnett, WHAO president was Les Sowden. That was a great show. I spent most of the weekend there.

WHAO announced that they

had approved 19 shows most were two day events.

ciation will honor Janice and Risty Schmidt from Petersburg, Ontario with a SO Year Legacy Breeder’s Award at a cer- emony September 30, 2019 at the Ameri- can Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo. Each year, AQHA honors breeders

The American Quarter Horse Asso-

Quarter Horse. These horseman, horse- women and their families see their biggest accomplishments and proudest moments in the horses they breed. Legacy breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 consecutive years.

Congratulations Jan and Risty!!!

came an authorized lender under the 1985 Ontario Farm Assistance programs.

The ORA announced

that they had approved 5 Rodeos for 1985 with more waiting for approval. The Finals Rodeo was an- nounced for Newmarket.

Alex Dunseith was the

ORA rodeo cowboy feature for our June issue. He was a blacksmith from Welland, Ontario.

My Turn Canada is gearing up

for another Federal Elec- tion. It appears that it is touch and go for the Liber- als. So watch out for the lies and spending our money like drunken sailors. One question I have is why so many doctors and lawyers run and get elected to parlia- ment. Are they not good enough at their chosen pro- fession?

Have a great summer

of showing and don’t forget to advise the authorities of animal and child abuse. I think that litterers are in this category as they destroy our environment. This group that likes to chuck waste out of their precious vehicles. They should take it home and open the bathroom door and chuck it in.

That’s 30 for now! See

ya in the next ish and thanks for looking down in this cor- ner.

Question does anyone

know the meaning of “30”? Aidan W. Finn CD

Founder of The Rider 1970 President, Orange aPEEL

they so boldly make that claim. They take ten vehi- cles off the assembly line and put them out in a field, have a person that has a hearing loss and each vehi- cle blows it’s horn and the one he hears become’s Best in Class. Or could it be be- cause they have determined how fast they will rust?

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