12/ JUNE 2019 THE RIDER Celebrating the Can-Am Community

Guelph, ON May, 7, 2019 - “It’s hard to beat the Can-Am commu- nity, coming together for the love of horses,” says Equine Guelph director, Gayle Ecker “Many thanks go out to the organizers, participants, sponsors, supporters and volunteers that make this event amazing every year!” En- tertainment, shopping, getting to- gether with friends


informative clinics and educa- tional presentations – Can-Am

All Breeds Expo in Markham, April 5 – 7 had it all! In 14 consecutive years

featured at Can-Am; EquiMania! and Equine Guelph have accu- mulated quite a following. Sin- cere thanks to all our loyal supporters and new partners! The exhibit simply would not run without you. The numerous do- nations received at Can-Am are very much appreciated and will stimulate Equine Guelph’s edu-

Generous Artists Donate to EquiMania! in Art Auction

cational programs. “Can-Am is proud to pro-


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mote equine welfare and is happy to lend support,” says president, Ross Millar. “Our long-standing relationship with Equine Guelph is rooted in a mutual passion for educating horse owners and care givers.” Thanks to Ross Miller and

For More Information Contact: A. L. Distributing Limited 1-888-345-2351

or stop by your Tack Or Feed Store



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Janice Blakeney, for once again hosting the art auction with tal- ented Canadian artists donating their work with 100% of the pro- ceeds going to Equine Guelph. Auction organizer, Janice Blak- eney, works hard behind the scenes every year putting to- gether the annual Art Auction featured at the Can-Am Saturday Evening Extravaganza. This year, Ross also filled in as the auction- eer! A total of $3,400 was raised! Special thanks go to the

fantastic and generous artists: Shawn Hamilton ( and Nola McConnan (merri-, Jan- ice Ykema (, Vickie

Lawrence (Vick- Thank you to the bidders

and congratulations to Nika Rol- czewski-Louli, Ken Pedlar, Reza Meymeh and Barb Millar who

Julie Fitz-Gerald and ROAR donate a portion of “Rise” book sales to EquiMania!

to her fans to help teach youth about horse welfare and the care that a horse needs.

November! Equine Guelph is also

eager to award certificates to EquiManiacs of all ages, who wish to keep learning about horses at! Play free interactive games while increas- ing knowledge of horse health, anatomy and safety. Take the EquiMania! challenge! Much gratitude goes to the

author of “Rise” The Jessica Phoenix Story, Julie Fitz-Gerald and ROAR. Julie donated a por- tion of book sales from the week- end to Equine Guelph, which totaled $250. Fitz-Gerald was also “snapped” looking at the awesome inner workings of equines, courtesy of Seemore, EquiMania’s anatomical horse. Last but certainly not least,

Amber Marshall made a special appearance at EquiMania! Postal Code: Date:

are now proud owners of beauti- ful equestrian art. Congratula- tions also to the gift basket winners: Nicole Spagnuolo, Joey Piotrowski and Marc Lefreniere. Equine Guelph would like

to acknowledge Amber Marshall, star of the CBC series Heartland, for her role in the art auction. She donated the three gift baskets, which went for $500 each, once the incentives of selfie pics with Amber and Guy McLain upped the ante. Amber also made a sur-

prise appearance in the EquiMa- nia! booth on Sunday. Amber gave a short presentation on “Friends, Forage and Freedom”

Sunday, April 7, was Can-

Am Youth day and the first 20 youth that passed through the front doors received vouchers for the November online Horse Por- tal short course offering of Horse Behaviour and Safety from Equine Guelph! “My kids are ex- cited to learn more about horse safety and behavior,” says Can- Am winner Christine Clayton from Orono, Ontario. “Thanks so much, Equine Guelph for the course offer. We enjoyed the expo from start to finish, with the Heartland show as the grand fi- nale on Sunday’s youth day!” Equine Guelph looks forward to meeting all the winners online in

your next

Equine Guelph thanks the spon- sors and volunteers who make it possible to bring EquiMania! to approximately 2 million visitors every year! Thank you ESSO, Greenhawk, Kubota Canada, On- tario Equestrian, Shur-Gain, SSG Gloves, Standardbred Canada, System Fencing and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services. We could not run this exhibit without you! To book EquiMania! for event

contact Kids, visit EquiMania! on-

line & stay tuned to upcoming events for more EquiMania! out- ings.

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