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AQHA Director’s Report

mares, geldings and stal- lions. • Open performance halter mares, geldings and stal- lions. • Provide show managers ac- cess to judges database. Allow states to earn three

By Kathy M. Patterson The AQHA Executive

Committee recently reviewed and approved rule changes from the AQHA Show Committee, which were approved by the AQHA Board of Directors at the convention in March.

GENERAL SUBCOMMITTEE Approved staff study of fea-

sibility of developing a system to account for USEF member achievements when crossing over to show in AQHA leveled com- petition within youth, amateur and open divisions. Committee recommends staff develop guide- lines consistent with other al- liance

partner parameters

currently in place. Modify rule SHW378.3

such that biting is considered a blatant disobedience and a 10- point penalty. Amend Cowboy Mounted

Shooting rule SHW750.1.1 to read as follows: AQHA/CMSA events for officiating purposes will follow AQHA bit and bridle, western equipment and speed event rules. Notwithstanding, these rules include but are not limited to SHW300, SHW305, SHW306, SHW307, SHW325, VIO300 and VIO320. Add

equipment rule

SHW300.8 to read as follows: All inhumane/prohibited equip- ment as listed in VIO204.13 is il- legal for use at any time on the grounds at an AQHA-approved event.

Show Format And Procedures Subcommittee Approve

report from

AQHA Affiliate Show Task Force to include the following modifications to AQHA rules and show approval guidelines: Allow any show with less

than 500 entries to apply for hal- ter classes as follows**: • Junior youth, junior amateur and junior open (defined as jun- ior 2 and under). • Senior youth, senior amateur and senior open (defined as sen- ior 3 and over). • Youth performance mares and geldings. ˆ Amateur performance halter

total six-pointed circuits per year if the following criteria is met: • Must hold two of these three types of shows: Level 1, Introductory, Single-judge • Must be held for two con- secutive years and have ap- plied for a third consecutive

year before applying for an addi- tional six-pointed circuit. Level 1, introductory or sin-

gle-judge shows must continue to be held or the additional six- pointed circuit will not be ap- proved. Modify calendar of shows

to be assigned by weekends of the month, replacing the current weeks of the year. Weekends to be defined as beginning on Sat- urday. Approved implementation for 2021**. Develop marketing tool kits for affiliates, managers and secre- taries.

Approve report from

AQHA Show Fines and Penalties Task Force to include the follow- ing modification to AQHA rules and show approval guidelines: The following parties may

be fined or disciplined for infrac- tions: Show secretary/manage- ment, Judges, Exhibitors, Show sponsor/finan- cially responsible party. Categories of infractions: • Show approval application. Received after deadline (de-

fined as less than 60 days prior to show). The following incidents constitute being “received after deadline”: • Received incomplete. It is not considered complete until all re- quested information is provided. • Received without fees. It is not considered complete until fully paid. • Staff inquiries. It is not consid- ered complete until all inquiries are answered. • Penalties/disciplinary action for above infractions: $1,000 for first offense, $2,000 for second of- fense. • 1-year suspension for third of- fense and show will not be ap- proved in the future with the same management.

Show results: Received after deadline (de-

fined as more than 10 days after completion of the show). The fol- lowing incidents constitute being “received after deadline”: • Received incomplete. It is not considered complete until all re- quested information is provided. • Received in non-electronic for-

mat. It is not considered complete until it is received in an accept- able format. • Unverified results received. The following incidents constitute being “received as unverified”: • Exhibitor allowed to show with- out membership. • Grand/reserve halter not held. • Grand/reserve judge cards not submitted. • Unregistered horse allowed to show in an AQHA class. Penalties/disciplinary ac-

tion for above infractions is a fine of $50 per day per event code. Other: • Re-judging of classes already held and placed. Judges have primary responsibil- ity here and should be held ac- countable. Recommend modifying current rule SHW100.10 to read as fol- lows: • Any AQHA-approved show that fails to pay for services ren- dered by third parties in connec- tion with the holding of the approved shows (i.e. judges’ fees, cattle charges, facilities, insur- ance or drug-testing fees, etc.) or pay premium monies to ex- hibitors can be denied AQHA ap- proval for present and future shows. The sponsoring organiza- tion and/or its representatives can be denied privileges of AQHA and suspended from member- ship. • Management not on show grounds. • After staff investigation, allow 1 written warning. Upon second infraction, a 120-day suspension shall be imposed. Such suspen- sion shall be delayed to begin 120 days after verification of the infraction. For suspension to be lifted, show management must be recertified. • Management not reporting ani- mal welfare issues. • After staff investigation, allow 1 written warning. Upon second infraction, a 120-day suspension shall be imposed. Such suspen- sion shall be delayed to begin 120 days after verification of the infraction. For suspension to be lifted, show management must be recertified. Standard operating proce-

dure for the following areas: • Inadequate equipment/obstacles being used. The disciplinary ac- tion to be imposed upon the fi- nancially

party/sponsor. • Two written warnings. • Show not allowed approval on next application for classes with prior questionable equipment. • In addition, a steward needs to be assigned at the next show to assess if the issues have been rec- tified. • Actions detrimental to AQHA. The fine/disciplinary action to be imposed upon show manage-

ment/secretary. Adding

judges/number of points at any event without prior approval • $1,000 for first offense, $2,000 for second offense, 1-year sus- pension for third offense and show will not be approved in the future with the same manage- ment. • Canceling event for reasons other than acts of God, facility conflict/loss,

conflict with

AQHA event, or disease out- break. The fine/disciplinary ac- tion to be imposed upon the financial responsible party/spon- sor. • Must show proof that all re- sponsibilities identified by griev- ance committee are met prior to next approval. • Provide explanations for issues and plans to resolve in the future. Amend rule SHW103.1 to

include shows held in interna- tional countries will retain prior- ity date for their country-specific holidays. International affiliates shall be required to identify their country-specific holidays to AQHA. ** Delete rule SHW245.3.4,

which reads: [In addition, at the time of application for Level 1, an individual may not have] won an international or reserve inter- national title for that particular class at the European Champi- onship or German Champi- onships, regardless of whether the international class in question was an AQHA-approved class. **

Western And Timed-Events Subcommittee Amend rule SHW452 to

allow western riding patterns 1-4 to be performed the opposite di- rection (mirror image) of how they are currently set, creating 4 additional patterns labeled as pat- terns 6-9.

English And Dressage Subcom- mittee Add SHW108.3.5 to read as


follows: [A maximum of two class types will be allowed per event] except for English Special Events, which, for a trial period of three years, will be allowed to include English classes from Cat- egories IV, V and VII. English special events will not be limited in number of events allowed per year during the trial period, but must have approval of affiliate and meet all other show approval requirements. Success at the end of the trial period to be measured by an increase or stabilization in the number of entries in all the English classes. ** This addition will be sub-

ject to annual review by the AQHA Executive Committee.

WORLD SHOW SUBCOM- MITTEE Add dressage as a stakes

class at the AQHA World Cham- pionship Show, beginning in 2020.

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is

on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President,

Wayne Burwash, ph: 403-246-8283, email: Include any exhibitor who

has met the class requirements, regardless of qualification method, in the tabulation for the all-around title at the Select World Show. The Executive Committee also approved that this will apply to the all-around amateur award at the AQHA World Championship Show.

Awards, Recognition And Mar- keting Subcommittee Modify rule SHW804 to

allow Select all-around titles to count toward earning a superior all-around award. **


Commission Task Force will ex- plore options and make recom- mendations


modifying rule SHW355. Current performance halter

eligibility rules (SHW365.3) will apply and/or horses that are com- peting in a performance class at the same show may also be shown in performance halter. Horses must be ridden or driven at that show. Walk/trot classes and showmanship do not count as an eligible performance class. The exemption for horses that have earned a Racing Register of Merit will still apply. Visit the AQHA website for

a complete list and explanation of AQHA rules and regulations.

An AQHA Legacy Each year, the American

Quarter Horse Association recog- nizes breeders who have dedi- cated their

livelihoods to

maintaining the integrity of the American Quarter Horse. It’s an honor to recognize the breeders who are the backbone of AQHA. They have kept the tradition of the American Quarter Horse alive through their knowledge and dedication, and ensure that the success of the breed will continue for many generations to come. Congratulations to this

year’s 75-breeders, Legacy breeders and cumulative breed- ers. Legacy breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 consecutive years. Cu- mulative breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 years cumulatively.

75-Year-Breeder • Moorhouse Ranch, Benjamin, Texas • Deryl Parker, Arnett, Oklahoma • Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Miller, Big Piney, Wyoming 50-Year Legacy Breeders • Risty and Janice Schmidt, Pe- tersburg, Ontario • Wildwood Ranches, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia • Dr. Alton Otis Seal, Meridian, Mississippi • William and Anne McKinney, Broadus, Montana • Danly and Martha Sayles, Mesquite, New Mexico 50-Year Cumulative Breeders

to “Membership” section.

free to current members of AQHA. To enroll

• Jerriel D. Betts, Atoka, Okla- homa • Asa Broussard, Erath, Louisiana • Burton and Marilyn Butler, Cedar Rapids, Iowa • John J. Finarty, Chariton, Iowa • Paul E. and Linda J. Grant, Mc- Cune, Kansas • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grusing, Kendall, Kansas • Harold E. Kalahar, Dayton, Iowa • Larry Lloyd Krieger, Sodus, Michigan • C.G. Mason, Hindsville, Arkansas • Paul Newmaster, Neodesha, Kansas • Mr. and Mrs. Paulson, Newton, Kansas • Charles and Kay Simmelink, Madras, Oregon • Curry Cattle Co. LTD, Buffalo, Alberta • Leland and Debra Buller, Wing, North Dakota • Arven P. and Sharon Holden, Greenfield, Indiana, • Dr. W.M Lewis, Denton, Texas • Matador Cattle Co., Matador, Texas

These horsemen, horse-

women and their families see their biggest accomplishments and proudest moments in the horses they breed. The honorees range from reining, racing and cutting to ranch and rodeo Amer- ican Quarter Horse breeders and will be recognized at a special dinner in September at the Amer- ican Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo. Thank you to all of our

breeders who have dedicated at least 50 years to breeding Amer- ican Quarter Horses and for shap- ing our industry! Special congratulations to

Ontario breeders Risty and Jan Schmidt on their amazing accom- plishment!

Till next time if I can be of

assistance, please contact me at: Phone: (519) 345-2861, or by e- mail at:

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