Ontario Racing Announces $2.375 Million In

Additional Standardbred Horse Improvement

Program (SIP) Funds for 2019

TORONTO, May 17, 2019 – Ontario Racing today an- nounced an additional boost of $2.375 million in funds to the 2019 Standardbred Horse Im- provement Program (SIP) as part of the $10 million of Horse Improvement Payment (HIP) funds earmarked for the horse racing industry by the Ontario government. On March 21, 2019, the

Ministry of Finance announced that it would provide an addi- tional $10 million per year to support HIP programs for Standardbred (SIP), Thorough- bred (TIP) and Quarter Horse (QHRIDP) horsepeople in On- tario.

In the aftermath of the

announcement, meetings were held with Ontario Racing’s Thoroughbred, Standardrdbred and Quarter Horse HIP Admin- istration Committees to discuss plans for the allotment of the new funds. Following those initial

meetings, the Board of Direc- tors of Ontario Racing met on April 26, 2019 and determined that the SIP program will re- ceive $2.375 million in addi- tional funding. When coupled with the existing SIP program, there is approximately $14 mil- lion available for Standardbred horsepeople in 2019. This year, the enriched

SIP will now contribute $200,000 (an increase of $20,000) to each Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Gold Series Leg, to be divided evenly between the number of divisions re- quired for that event. The HIP contribution to

OSS Grassroots divisions in 2019 will now be $20,000 (an increase of $4,000), while the Grassroots Championships will see a purse bump to $75,000, up from $50,000. Therefore, effective im-

mediately, the Grassroots OSS purses will be increased to

2019 Executive & Board of Directors

President: Cheryl Norris, 613-608-3608, Vice-President: Taylor D. Burt Past President: Shawna Crawford,

Directors: Rosemary Burt

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The Burt Family

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Janey MacDougall Dianne Runtz

$20,000 per Division plus starting fees, and the Gold OSS purses will be $200,000 per event (divided by the number of required Divisions) plus starting fees. It should be noted that

these additional funds are a contribution from the gov- ernment, and are not de- rived from wagering, as is the case with the current HIP funds. One of the most her-

alded and successful pro- grams of its kind in North America, SIP provides the opportunity for Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred Standardbreds to compete and win against the best in the sport, through OSS se- ries races contested at race- tracks

throughout the

province. “A healthy and strong

Standardbred Improvement Program and OSS Series is crucial to supporting current owners and the breeding of racehorses, as well as intro- ducing new owners to horse racing and seeing the breed- ing side of the sport grow throughout the province,” said John Hayes, Ontario Racing Chair. “As always, Ontario Racing remains committed to working with our horsepeople and stake- holders to see our industry prosper.” The current allocation

of enriched HIP for all three breeds is in place for the 2019 season only. It is the intention of the Ontario Racing Board of Directors to create a Committee to de- termine appropriate param- eters for the allocation going forward; in addition, Ontario Racing is having a Value for Money audit con- ducted with respect to the use of the HIP funds, which will assist in this determina- tion. The allocation of the new funds will be re-as- sessed on this basis for 2020 and beyond. ———

For more information on Ontario’s Horse Improve- ment Programs, and select

“Breeding Pro-

grams.” For more informa- tion on the Ontario Sires Stakes and the Owners’ Bonus, contact the OSS Program Coordinator at (905)

854-7808 or

r e c o r d s @ o n t a r - For more information on the Ontario Resident Mare Program (Ontario Bred Rewards), email ontariomare@ontari- or call (416) 477-5529. Ontario Racing is responsible for the adminis- tration of all non-regulatory functions of horse racing in Ontario.


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