Working For The Future Of Recreational Canadians Community!!!

Office: 905-655-4666 Bugs and more Bugs!!!! Living

north of #7 highway sure has proven interesting as far as weather and Bugs this year. Mother Nature sure is

cranky about something this year with the rain, mud and cold, hope- fully this will improve shortly for those of us who enjoy the outside ac- tivities with our horses. Hastings Trails Inc.

just had

their first official board meeting elect- ing their directors of which I am one representing

the Equestrians. CRHRA is thrilled to have the oppor-

tunity to work with them in develop- ing trails, bed and bales, events and tourism destinations. Hastings County takes in many Municipalities which cover a vast area of existing trails opening the door for future de- velopment of many new trails for non- motorized users. Non-motorized covers hikers,

joggers, fat bikers, dog sled, horses, skiers, Snowshoeing. We receive many questions

about many things so here are a few answers. You can purchase Horse Mortal-

ity Insurance separately. You must purchase Horse Mortality if you pur- chase Emergency Life Saving Sur- gery Insurance, together they are a policy. Any further questions please

contact BFL as we are not insurance people it is just a benefit offered with your membership. When we receive membership

Your horse has given you a lifetime of love and it is hard to walk away when the time has come to say goodbye

Honouring the life of your horse.


Let the staff at Ontario Equine Cremation Services provide you with individual equine cremation.


Servicing all of Ontario Government Licensed

Craig Hunter and Family and Staff

1.888.668.2989 519.268.2989

requests from a number of people residing in the same resident we send all of the tags and wel- come letters together to save costs so we do not have to raise our prices. Some members request additional tags

when they own more than one horse. We will be addressing this issue in the near future. If you sent an application in by mail you do

not have to re submit your date of birth date when asked by email. You only have to do that if you apply on line. The reason for your date of birth is for the insurance company. You are sent an order number by email this is your confirma- tion that you are cover. Print this and use it till your tags will arrive. Our memberships run from Dec 31 to Jan 1 of each year. There is no discount for purchasing throughout the year; you are still only covered insurance wise and mem- bership wise till Dec 31 of the same year. We do not offer family plans, each member

no matter their age must complete a separate ap- plication providing the information required. Parents can fill out the application and pay for but must have the Childs name and date of birth. Children under age must have the application signed by a Parent. Jack was in Red Deer Albert at the Main

Event. We are looking into doing some adver- tising out there to bring awareness to us. Let’s all wish for better weather so we can

enjoy a great year with our horse buddies!!! Be Smart! Be Safe! Always tell someone

where you are going and when you will be back. Bonnie

1-877-TRYAVIA (519) 264-2354

RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0

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