Equestrian Canada Searching For Passionate Equestrians To Join The Jumping Committee

Ottawa, ON, May 27, 2019 – Are you looking for a fulfilling way to make a difference in the Canadian jumping community? Are you pas- sionate about using your experience and abilities to contribute to the de- velopment of the hunter/jumper dis- cipline nationwide? If the answer is yes, apply by June 26, 2019, to vol- unteer on the Equestrian Canada (EC) Jumping Committee!

What is the EC Jumping Com- mittee? The Jumping Committee (an

operational committee of EC) is re- sponsible for providing strategic guidance and counsel to EC man- agement to support the develop- ment of hunter/jumper in Canada. The Committee works in collabora- tion with other EC committees, task forces and national office staff, to provide assistance in implementa- tion of the respective mandates.

What does the EC Jumping Committee do? Specific responsibilities of the Jumping Committee include: • Advising management on the an- nual operational priorities, strate- gies, and performance targets for the ongoing development of hunter/jumper in Canada. • Reviewing and reporting on the achievement of the Committee’s annual operational priorities and performance targets, and identify- ing key areas for improvement. • Providing input and feedback to management concerning policies, programs, rules, regulations, and services related to the development of hunter/jumper. • Supporting management in deal- ing with appeals related to hunter/jumper. • Interfacing as a unit with the equestrian community in partner- ship with management on key de- velopments, issues, challenges, and achievements within hunter/jumper. • Providing strategic counsel to the EC Director of Sport on matters concerning High Performance pro- grams and services.

What is the process for selecting Jumping Committee members? Committee members will be

appointed by the CEO. In appoint- ing members, the CEO will solicit recommendations from the Chair and Committee members, and/or may solicit expressions of interest from the relevant, qualified eques- trian community. There are two positions to be

filled for 2019. Committee mem- bers will be appointed for a term of three (3) years ending in 2022. Each member is eligible to serve up to two (2) terms. In appointing the members of the Committee, consid- eration is given to diversity, includ- ing without


national/international experience and competency in the sport disci- pline, as well as gender, regional, technical, and linguistic balance. Members of the Committee

must be in good standing with EC and hold a valid Sport Licence.

For further information on the

Jumping Committee’s operational policy, please view the EC Opera-

tional Committee Manual.

How Can I Apply? Individuals are invited to submit their resume

along with an expression of interest highlighting their unique qualifications to serve on the Com- mittee to:

Karen Hendry-Ouellette Manager of Sport - Jumping Equestrian Canada The applicant’s full name and EC Sport Li-

cence number must be included in the application. The deadline for applications is June 26,

2019 – don’t wait, apply today! For further application information, includ-

ing a detailed list of the core competency consid- erations, please contact Karen Hendry-Ouellette at

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