32/ JUNE 2019 THE RIDER National Bromont’s Grand Prix: Frank Hendricks leaves victorious

Bromont, May 19, 2019 – Frank Hendricks (NED) won the Grand Prix by a few tenths of a second with Dio at the National Bromont, at the Olympic Eques- trian Park.

A course designed by Michael Pegg

Uxbridge, Ontario had prepared a first round course with 12 ob- stacles for 14 efforts, including two double combinations, for the participating pairs. The course’s difficulties of time, height, and turns, was well bal- anced, and was a good start for riders who shared the Grand Prix’s $10,000 purse.

The course designer from

Harpern and Diesel, owned by Groupe Zacar, execute the course’s 8 obstacles for 9 efforts in a fast time of 44.16 seconds, putting the pressure on their competitors, who try to unsuc- cessfully to beat him. We have to wait for the next-to-last pair, Frank Hendricks and Dali, the

fully completed the first round and qualified for the jump-off: veterans Paul Harpern on Diesel, Isabelle Lapierre on En Nou, Laurie Bucci GGN Stauf- fenberg, Frank Hendricks on Dio as well as young rider Ash- ley James and her mount, D’Artagnan Z. First in the jump-off, Paul

5 horse-rider pairs success-

only ones who post a better time at 43.75 seconds. Young rider Ashley James, last on the course with D’Artagnan execute a sec- ond clear round, however, their time puts them in 5th place.

by the Association équestre Cen- taure will be the Knowlton Pony Club Show, a qualifying event for the Eastern Townships team, preparing for Caballista, Que- bec’s Equestrian Games.

The season continues The next event organized

the first event of the Hunter and Jumper Quebec season. It is also

About National Bromont The National Bromont is

the start of the Quebec Provincial Equestrian Tour (QPET), which aims to recognize the best high-level riders in Quebec. For more information on the pro- gram, please visit our website at: www.internation-

National Bromont would like to thank its spon- sors for their implication and support.

profit organization with the mission of promoting equestrian sports, particularly the classic equitation disciplines, through sports events at the regional, na- tional and international levels. Association équestre Centaure is the only Quebec organization presenting events sanctioned by the Fédération Équestre Inter- nationale (FEI) in show jumping, dressage and driv- ing.

About Association équestre Centaure Association équestre Centaure is a not-for-

thank its major partners, the Ministère de l’Éduca- tion, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec and the Town of Bromont for their support. Associ- ation équestre Centaure would also like to thank Tim Hortons for its support.

Association équestre Centaure would like to

Results – Grand Prix National Bromont Frank Hendricks (NED) / Dio 0-0, 43.75 Paul Halpern (CAN) / Diesel 0-0, 44.16 Isabelle Lapierre (CAN) / En Nou 0-0, 44.44 Laurie Bucci (CAN) / GGN Stauffenberg 0-0, 44.87 Ashley James (CAN) / D’Artagnan Z 0-0, 45.21 Vanessa Hutchinson (CAN) / Beckham K 1, 77.69 Billie Derouet (CAN) / Bonaparte VP Wisbecq 4, 71.24 Victoria Lombart (CAN) / Electric Socks 4, 72.01

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Frank Hendricks (NED) won by a few tenths of a second with Dio at the National Bromont Grand Prix at the Olympic Equestrian Park.

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