2019 Ontario Trail Riders Association Board of Directors

President/Ride Schedule Sonja Wyss 705-434-7947

Linda Fell 905-842-9031

Past-President Helmut Hitscherich 905-473-9329,

Secretary Tina Kerst 416-907-6051

Membership Linda Fell 905-842-9031

Treasurer Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Trail Advocate Ron Keeler, 705-341-1073,

Website Development Caroline Fell 289-681-0174

Area Representative Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Newsletter/Promotion Lana English 519-658-3489

Directors at Large Karen Plume, 519-604-4020, Darlene Sharpe, 519-994-3912, Cathy Togeretz, 519-465-1758, Ellie Hinze, 613-396-5883, Sandra Kendall, 905-939-8356, Tina Kerst, 416-907-6051,

1326 Odessa Cres., Oakville, ON L6H 1R8 •

in 1970, is an equestrian organization which promotes recreational trail riding and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.

“Life is short, Time is fast, No replay – No rewind...So enjoy every moment as it comes.” Cowboy Classifieds Inc.

OTRA 2019 tentative ride schedule: Location


St. Lazare, QC Otter Creek, NY Duffferin Forest Vivian Forest

Wiarton 7 Day Ride Dufferin Forest Simcoe Forest

Dufferin Forest June 20-26 June 26-July 6

July 28-Aug. 3 Aug. 2-5

Aug. 23-25

Dundas Valley Campout Aug. 9-11 South Algonquin

Sept. 20-23 Sept. 27-29

Dundas Valley Day Ride Oct. 6 Helmut's Vivian Forest Oct. 11-14

Host Sandra Kendall

July 5-7 Fun-D-Ride Elaine Wiesner/Sonja Wyss July 20-21

Helmut Hitscherich Helmut Hitscherich

Chesley Saddle Club Sonja Wyss

Richard Gauthier

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Tammy/Lyle Donaldson Sonja Wyss

Lana English, Laurie Panagiotou Helmut Hitscherich

Requirements: If a non-member, please see ride organizer and pay day fee: all participants must sign a waiver and show proof of liability insur- ance.

If you have not renewed your equine insurance yet: OTRA’S 2019

ride schedule includes organized rides to the U.S. and Quebec. Please check with your insurance that you will be covered when outside Ontario. “National” does not automatically include for example Quebec as they have different provincial requirements!!and you will need to provide proof of insurance to participate in our rides. Folllow us on our lWebsite:

Hoot! Hoot! Yvonne and Stewart are home after 5 months, 10

states, 6 camps, 3 layovers , 2723 miles. As per Yvonne, “great winter but there’s nothin like home!” Our first ride of the season took place in the Dufferin Forest near

Mansfield May 10 – 12 organized by hosts Helmut Hitcherich and Sonja Wyss. It was a record turnout for this early date with 6 big trailer and 10 Riders bracing the still very cool temperatures. Our generators definitely had their work cut out helping to warm up the trailers for the chilly nights... as did the teddy bear hot water bottle that was found in the lug- gage. And yes, there was frost on the windshields in the morning! 3 ad- ditional day riders joined us for the day on Saturday and Sunday and we spent several hours of good riding on excellent footings in both the Duf- ferin and Simcoe tracks. We broke camp Sunday after lunch as some members had planned to continue from here and head south of the border to spend some time in the Garden of the Gods in Illinois. If you are a member of our Facebook group you would have been able to follow Ron, Linda, Carolyn and Bismarck on their adventure as they shared some

beautiful pictures with us. Next year’s bucket list for sure! By the time this is printed another 3 day ride will have been hosted by Helmut in the Vivian Forest at the end of May, followed by the Poker-Fundraiser & Din- ner-Ride at Elaine’s in the Simcoe Forest, then another Dufferin Ride the weekend after. You can join anytime – just check the schedule. Sonja Wyss

Linda and Caroline Fell, Ron Keeler, on his new horse, and Bis-

marck returned home safely from their road trip to the Garden of the Gods in Illinois. Caroline says that they ended having to put 4 shoes on the horses. Lots and lots and lots of rocks. Bismarck came on all the trail rides. He is turning out to be a good tail dog. I am looking to meet- ing up with them to learn more about their big adventure. I will report on Helmut’s,Vivian Forest ride, May 24-26 in the next

Rider. We hope that everyone I gearing up for the, Simcoe Forest

Fundraiser Poker Ride, June 1-2, hosts Elaine Wiesner and Sonja Wyss. A worthy cause that we should all be supporting. June 7-9, Dufferin For- est ride and camp, hosted by Karen Plume, is always a good ride. Hope to see you there! Our only fundraiser is fast approaching. Mark your calendars for

July 5-7 Fun-D-Ride, hosts Elaine Wiesner and Sonja Wyss. Donate your unwanted tack and horsey items. The auction items are already coming in. Greenhawk graciously donated an insulated picnic cooler. I hope that I win it!

Lana English

“You can never rely on a horse that is educated by fear. There will always be something that he fears more than you. But, when he trusts you, he will ask you what to do when he is afraid.”

-Antoine de Pluvinel 9045 20 Sideroad Tosorontio, Lisle, ON, L0M 1M0 4 3 1 The Ontario Trail Riders Association Inc, established

with the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. We welcome your membership to help support the voice of OTRA on your behalf. Visit our Facebook Page

2 OTRA and its members represent the equestrian trail user

Photos: 1/ A well deserved rest 3-1/2 hours in to the ride. 2/ Found this on our 6 hour ride, Garden of the Gods. 3/ Fund-d-ride donation from Greenhawk! 4/Trails end! Bismarck after 6 hours on trail.

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