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Fiveways to be creative with video

By Phil Arkinstall (pictured), Managing Director, Ark Media Productions

Cisco predicts that globally, online video traffic will be 82 per cent of all internet traffic (both business and consumer) by 2022, up from 75 per cent in 2017. This means that brands and


businesses need to be all the more creative with their video content as consumers get used to high-quality films that provide value. But what are the best ways to get creative with video?

ideo has become the biggest way that we are consuming online content.

1. Tell a story Storytelling is so important for engagement and retention. At the Content Marketing World Event, it was said that: “The first most important element of great storytelling is conflict, conflict

creates tension, tension keeps people engaged with your story”. You’re probably wondering how

exactly you can create conflict in, for example, a Microsoft Excel training promotion video, but you can delve into your customer’s stories for inspiration and find tension in them. For example: • A small business owner is losing lots of time and money because their organisation processes are out of control

Helga Henry is a consultant working in the cultural and creative industries

• Speaker: Key-note and conference addresses • Strategy: Board and staff away-days and retreats • Host: Chair of public events, seminars and symposia

“The energy, knowledge, insight and impact that Helga brings to a room is truly a wonder to behold.”

• A single mother’s anxieties about filling out her annual tax returns is causing her to become distant from her children.

Then in your video marketing show how your Microsoft Excel training services helped stop these conflicts. How much more engaging and glowing of your business is this customer centred video? Much better than you simply reeling off your skills or a company success story to camera? It may take more work but the payoffs will be bigger.

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2. Use influencers You may already be working with influencers and it may be that you can use the influencers of your target market within your video marketing. For example, a clothing brand could invite influential fashion bloggers to a style party and ask them to style themselves with a new outfit. The video can show their choices and hear them talking about how they are putting the outfit together and why they choosing various pieces. One event with a handful of influencers would generate great deal of

video content and lead to lots of other promotional opportunities.

3. Give customers their say Testimonial videos help people to see that your brand or business knows what they are doing, that someone else trusts you and that they had a good experience doing business with you. Getting customer testimonials in video format enables a business to really develop trust and resonate with a prospective buyer.

4. Encourage user- generated content We all have a video-making machine on our person nowadays so why not encourage your customers to record something for you. Run a competition and ask customers to send in a video of themselves using your product in an unusual way or their top tips of how they use your product.

5. Think about the feeling Video can be very emotive – the music, the way it is shot, scripting and the overall story all play their part. Before you start compiling a video brief think about what you want the viewer to feel while they are watching – and once the video has stopped. Perhaps you’re a charity and

you want your viewers to feel upset and compelled to help. Alternatively you may want to make your viewers laugh and create video they will want to share with their friends. Thinking about how you want people to feel at the start of the briefing stage can really help you to develop your creative ideas.

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