Lovin’ it (from left): Saqib Bhatti, Doug Wright, GBCC policy director Henrietta Brealey and Paul Faulkner

By Dan Harrison

Mr McDonald’s reaches major milestone with new franchise... ... as he is appointed West

Key figures from across the region were “lovin’ it” as they received a preview of Doug Wright’s 20th McDonald’s franchise. England football legend Sir Geoff

Hurst was among 200 guests who attended the exclusive event, which included a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen areas. The two-storey Walsall venue is

the latest addition to Doug’s company, Wright Restaurants T/A McDonald’s. Greater Birmingham Chambers

of Commerce president Saqib Bhatti cut the ribbon on the new restaurant, which has created 110 new jobs. Doug said: “It’s fantastic to be

able to offer more jobs within the local area with great training opportunities for everyone. “I’m proud to employ a great

range of people, from students, to

...The Griffin Report from page 18 “We received a phone call to say

‘we know of your reputation, we want you to time Formula One. All hell broke loose. Some of us left our jobs – at that stage, I was still working for National Grid. “That was the catalyst, the

trigger for what we have grown into today. It all started off in one person’s house, a rented property above a shop. It was very hand to mouth in those days. “For two or three years, we did

the timing for Formula One and then it went in-house. Three of the

20 CHAMBERLINK March 2019

graduates, to those looking after a family or interested in a change of career. “My business employs people

with a variety of demands on their time and with differing family or study commitments. “What’s more, the new digital

kiosks and table service have been designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible and we hope to see a fantastic response to these features.” Paul Faulkner, chief executive of

the GBCC, conducted a Q&A with Doug at the preview event and said: “The huge interest in preview event showed not only the popularity of the McDonald’s brand but also how Doug’s inspirational story resonates with the business community. “It is a testament to his great

leadership, business acumen and commitment to people behind his success that he has reached this impressive milestone.”

firm eventually went over directly to Formula One management at Biggin Hill.” As the firm progressed, the

enterprise was divided into separate arms, and the operational side moved away from Malvern and set up a new base in Tamworth in February 2008, a convenient location for its team of colleagues. The move has paid handsome dividends, with the company doubling its turnover and diversifying its activities. “Our turnover when we started

was £700,000 and today it is £1.5m. We have 16 employees in total and

Midlands Deputy Lieutenant McDonald’s franchisee Doug Wright has been made a Deputy Lieutenant in the West Midlands. The appointment was announced by John Crabtree, Lord-Lieutenant

of the West Midlands, who is the Queen’s personal representative in the region. Mr Wright said: “Being appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands is a great honour for myself, my family and everyone who has supported me along the way. “I also want to ensure that we recognise and reward individuals and

companies who make a difference and who ultimately improve the vitality and vibrancy of this great region. I’m really thrilled and honoured to have been given this prestigious role and must thank everyone at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, the Asian Business Chamber and Future Faces for their personal support.” Mr Wright began his career at McDonald’s at the age of 16 and

progressed through the ranks, eventually acquiring his first franchise in 2002. He also chairs the board of governors at the Ronald McDonald

House Charities in Birmingham, which houses 66 families of children under care at the nearby Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

we are looking to recruit another two or three plus part-timers. We are the market leader in the UK and fourth or fifth in the world. Our services improve the motorsport experience for millions of people. We have moved motorsport into the hi-tech arena. “We also provide services for

record attempts, such as the fastest Land Rover, the fastest milk float, the fastest skier, record attempts with motor manufacturers such as Range Rover and Citreon. We provide a professional timing service to motorsport throughout the world, to competitors,

sponsors, the organisers, media and, of course, the public.” Among the big racing names

supplied by Timing Solutions include Williams Formula One, Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, Ferrari, Toyota, Maclaren, Renault and others. With a new general manager

joining from Rockingham Motor Speedway, Northamptonshire, in the shape of Nick Breed, the road ahead looks decidedly promising for the Tamworth firm. Meanwhile, the passion for

motorsport remains undimmed for John. “Motorsport is in your blood, you cannot get rid of it,” he says.

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