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Praise for Chamber’s workshops in Africa

Get on board with

exporting courses The Chamber’s documentation team is launching a number of courses to help exporters get to grips with the paperwork they will need to deal with when selling goods overseas. The courses include ‘ITOPS’ – International

Trade (Operations) Award – which begins this month. It is aimed at administrators who work in busy export offices and are responsible for the shipping of a company’s products to an overseas destination. It is also for anyone else who is involved in the movement of goods internationally, including freight forwarders and even sales people. The formal qualification and copyrighted

programme entails administration, record keeping, documentation, packing and marking, moving goods, transport procedures, freight charging, cargo insurance and meeting legal requirements. The dates for the first ITOPS course are

Monday 18 March, Tuesday 2 April and Tuesday 16 April. A second course is being held across the

Case study: John Doddrell with Chamber chief executive Paul Faulkner (second left), Rupi Nandra and international team members Sunny Claire (right) and Amerdeep Mangat (left)

The Chamber has gained international recognition for its groundbreaking work in helping Africa’s business support organisations. The Chamber’s efforts in helping these

organisations are to be used as a good practice case study on the United Nations website. John Doddrell, ex-Consul General at British

Consulate General Sao Paolo Brazil, who is now working on behalf of the International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint agency of the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations, visited the Chamber to find out more about the organisation’s efforts in Africa. Mr Doddrell met Rupi Nandra, head of

international programmes at the Chamber, who spoke about recent workshops in Ghana and Kenya delivered on behalf of the ITC. The workshops involved working with the

business support organisations in these emerging economies, in order to help them actively help businesses there, but also to further develop trading links with the UK.

The workshops covered how GBCC’s

international department engages with clients and then assists them with their international trade strategies, using a client diagnostic process that the Chamber has pioneered. The ITC is now going to publish a case study

highlighting the Chamber’s efforts in this area. Ms Nandra said: “The ITC is the only

development agency that is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises. “It's important to engage with an international

agency and demonstrate best practice that can feed into an aid and trade agenda. “It's also important for our members to see the

wide scope and opportunity that we can bring to them in the international business arena.” Mr Doddrell later visited Tamworth-based

Enlighten, an e-learning company which helps businesses reach a global market by using webinars and skype technology instead of having to travel abroad.

following dates: Wednesday 4 September, Tuesday 24 September, Thursday 10 October and Monday 28 October. Both courses take place at Chamber

House in Harborne Road, Birmingham. The cost is £1,440 to Chamber members and £2,058 to non-members. Anete Muciniece of Le Mark Group, a

manufacturer of tapes, labels, floors and crew wear, attended a previous ITOPS course. She said: “After completing the ITOPS

course I feel my knowledge and skills for exporting have improved dramatically. “It is a brilliant course that provides

information on all aspects of exporting. I was able to provide my workplace with important information to improve our processing of shipments.”

For further details on the ITOPS courses contact the documentation team: Jonathan Crosbie on j.crosbie@birmingham- or David Harris on

Leading the way in IP patent translations

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s translations team has become a leader in providing services to Intellectual Property (IP) companies – following a record period for patent translations. The translations division, which sit within the

GBCC’s International Business Bub, has translated more than 100 patents a week since May – amounting to more than one-million words. The work carried out by the team includes the

translation of 500,000 words of abstracts for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Head of the translation team, Amira Graham,

Amira Graham (centre) with Chamber translations team members Shazia Khaliq (right) and Carina Jocher-Wright

said: "We take special pride in providing IP translation services to a demanding high-calibre of patents and trade mark attorneys nationally and internationally. “Having translating over one-million words since last May related to patents, we are thriving

to do more and grow our business to reach more esteemed clients. “We have established ourselves with over 35

years’ experience and a highly experienced dedicated team of project managers. “We also employ a wide base of freelance

translators with vast experience in their individual specialist areas, covering all varieties of subjects such as pharma and biosciences, computers, electronics and telecommunications, mechanical engineering, physics and materials. “We are committed to providing an efficient

and professional service. Translations are delivered on time and at highly affordable rates.” The team are also promoting some new language training packages.

For further information please contact

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