COUNTRY MARKET NEWS Come, see us and be amazed at how we have grown!

We are no longer just cakes and jams as in previous years.

We now offer a wide selection of foods, crafts, and garden produce including seasonal plants, vegetables, flowers and local eggs. Our foods range from cakes and biscuits, to French-inspired ready-meals, Italian breads and more, from our increasing number of producers including a French cook and an Italian baker... not to mention a chocolate-maker! We have a great choice of jars, containing marmalades,

jams, local honey and chutneys. Our craft department has also grown and we offer cards, lots of hand-stitched items, including knitted garments for small and large people, dogs, cloth bags, made-to-order decorated T-shirts, jewellery, boxes, books, wood-turned items, and scented candles.

ALL LOCAL AND HOME MADE! THE COCKERMOUTH POST 12,800 copies to your door We Deliver!

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Looking for a Hall for a Wedding, Birthday or Seminar?

• Fully equipped kitchen able to cater for 100 people

• Disabled access and facilities • Sound & Loop systems • £9.00 per hour

Enquiries & Bookings Contact Chris 01768776697 Embleton & District Community Hall Trust are Big lottery funded

Two Places... One Welcome!


The popularity of long fermented sourdough bread continues to rise. It doesn’t appear to be a passing fad. More and more folks are being switched on to the chewy, open- textured bread that some find easier to digest.

You can always tell something is here to stay when the big boys try to emulate something by cutting corners. There are so many additives out there you can buy to add to your bread to give it ‘the true sourdough taste.’ This is, of course, rubbish. Only time and a well-cared for starter can give you the true qualities of a proper sourdough loaf. No matter how you try, hurrying the process artificially will not give you the same results.

40 Challoner Street Cockermouth CA13 9QU

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13-15 Market Place Cockermouth CA13 9NH

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We have three starters on the go at the moment: wheat, rye and spelt. From these we can produce a range of breads. We’re currently using Keswick Market as a bit of a laboratory, seeing what sells and what doesn’t. Sourdough nearly always sells out. I think folks appreciate

the time and energy that has gone into making one of our loaves. They often take 36-48hrs to produce. We also have our own recipes and our own methodologies to make the bread, very different from other bakeries. I think that’s a good thing. Each bakery produces a unique sourdough. It’s a signature loaf for each one.

You can basically make any loaf from sourdough. We regularly make a white wheat sourdough and a rye sourdough at the bakery. We have been making a wholemeal sourdough with linseed for the market and made a great sourdough ciabatta the other week too. This week we’re experimenting with a spelt, walnut and honey ciabatta – just to see how it goes.

If you have never tried a real sourdough before, come and try one of ours. Hopefully, it will be the start of your own sourdough adventure.

Andy and Angela The Coffee Kitchen

nutrition with jackie ~ THE CUP THAT CHEERS ~

What do Brits do in a crisis? – put the kettle on! There is no calamity so great that it cannot be eased by a ‘nice cup of tea’.

We started drinking tea in Britain way back in the mid- 1600s when it was referred to as ‘China Drink’. We quickly took it to our hearts even though it was fantastically expensive due to import tax and was often kept in locked chests to prevent pilfering. It’s cheap as chips now and we consume 165 million cups a day! That’s 60.2 billion cups a year and more than double the coffee we drink. There’s black tea, green tea, white tea, tea flavoured with flowers and herbs – so many types to sample, even without including the herbal teas called tisanes.

Our favourite brew supports our health with anti-oxidant polyphenols and flavonoids. There are detriments too from caffeine and fluoride, so it’s best to have water sometimes rather than drinking tea all day long. It’s also diuretic and can play havoc with your bladder. If you take sugar, work on giving it up. I had one client who was surprised to discover she was consuming

24 teaspoons of sugar a day just from drinking tea!

We don’t treat tea drinking with the elaborate rituals of China or Japan, usually using tea bags and brewing in a mug at home and work but we certainly do all like our tea a certain way. Afternoon tea has become quite an event with delicate china cups and saucers, one pot for the tea, one for hot water, a little jug of milk and a tiered cake stand bearing dainty sandwiches, scones and cakes. We’ve even given it a special day, 21st April.

Top tips – Enjoy your cuppa and be cheered!

Jackie Wilkinson - Nutrition Coaching 077824 77364

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