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The Co-op is back to doing what it does best... serving the community and providing excellent value. By joining the Co- op for £1 you will be become part of a family of some four and a half million people in Britain who believe that high standards of service and the support of local communities are still aspirations worth attaining.

Within the sphere of Estate Planning that I work in all of the services we provide give back to Co-op members 5% of their spend in the form of a direct payment onto their Membership card and a 1% payment to local good causes that will lead to an improvement in the quality of life of people in this area. A new development in the pre-paid Funeral Planning sector is that I can give members of the Co-op an immediate 5% reduction in the price they pay for a plan, giving them typically an instant saving of between £170 and £200. The Co-op are the largest provider of Funeral Services in Britain.

The benefits of undertaking your Inheritance Planning through the Co-op include a personal face to face relaxed discussion to establish your circumstances and wishes followed by a consideration of all potential options that are relevant to you. The only thing you pay for is the actual document production fee which is highly competitive. Furthermore, with the huge expertise within the legal team your options for the protection of assets such as property and finances are wide. We treat every client in a bespoke manner and the personal delivery of excellent service is what we are about.

If an informal discussion about House Trusts, types of Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney or Funeral Plans would be helpful then do get in contact. The landline or email are best to use as I am based in the shadow of the Whinlatter Pass and mobile reception here is at best ‘one bar’.

Richard Johnson 01900 85269 or 07745 225 491

Richard Johnson Estate Planning Practitioner


I will get you a ‘Made to Measure Mortgage’ CUMBRIA INDEPENDENT

9 Main Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9LE West Cumbria Carers Supporting young & adult carers

Thinking about Lasting Power of Attorney?

Property and Finance and Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney give you peace of mind that your affairs will be looked after by someone of your choice when you are no longer able to manage them.

West Cumbria Carers understands how important it is to have Lasting Power of Attorney in place for both Finance and Health so we’ve introduced 10% discount* for our service when you apply to register two at the same time.

Call West Cumbria Carers on 01900 821976 to find out how we can support you to register your Lasting Power of Attorney.

* Terms and conditions apply see our website for more information. Tel: 01900 821976 · Fax: 01900 826206

Email: · Charity No. 1119369 I Reg in England No. 6123034

Dying Matters Awareness Week

Every year in May, Dying Matters host an Awareness Week to highlight the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement. In 2018, the week will take place from the 14th to 18th May and the focus is on ‘What Can You Do... in your community?’

During the week, the public are encouraged to discuss, with those close to them, what they want for the end of their lives. People are also encouraged to take five simple steps to make their end of life experience better, both for them and for their loved ones. These are:

• Write your will • Record your funeral wishes • Plan your future care and support • Consider registering as an organ donor • Tell your loved ones your wishes

Talking about these topics can help families to cope and can also help make the experience of death as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Planning your future care and support can be especially valuable in making sure your wishes are known and acted upon.

If you are caring for someone who is dependent on you for help and support you can arrange to carry a Carers Emergency Card.

Should the worse happen to you, the card would alert others present to contact the response centre, who would then take action to make sure the person you care for is looked after according to the plan you developed.

Putting a contingency plan in place is free and can give you peace of mind. Contact West Cumbria Carers on 01900 821 976 and one of their Carers Support Workers will come and discuss the scheme and help you to develop your Emergency Plan.

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