What is the Food Ethics Council?

We spoke to Anna Cura, from the Food Ethics Council who explained how we can be more ethically conscious when it comes to what food we consume.

Food ethics is at the heart of everything we do at the Food Ethics Council, but what does this actually mean?

As individuals, we are constantly making choices, many of them ethical ones that rely on a defi ned set of values, whether we realise it or not. For example, if we decide to buy a certain product, say free range or organic, because of a concern for the environment, this is an ethical position, informed by our belief that protecting the environment is the right thing to do.

But how do we know what is right or wrong? T is may seem simple at fi rst glance, in the abstract, on a simple issue, but take this to the arena of food and farming (and philosophy), and you will fi nd yourself in a minefi eld that is complex, contradicting, far reaching, and oſt en confusing. T is is where our organisation

comes in. We help others untangle diffi cult issues and problems they face in the food and farming sector, fi nd a common ground to discuss and share ideas, and help them scout for the best possible approach all things considered.

So, whether you are a politician or a shop owner - or in essence any individual who eats food - you too can embrace ethics when you interact with food and farming. Ask yourself what values matter to you. Would it be well-being – what will be good or bad for humans and animals, for their health and welfare? Would it be autonomy – how far should people be free

to make their own choices about what they eat? Would it be justice – are our ways of producing and consuming food fair to everyone?

Becoming aware of our position on food ethics empowers us, not only when out shopping, but also in our broader eff orts to shape the food system into the one we want it to be.

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From crops to cooking

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ussels Fine Foods has been producing single cold pressed rapeseed oil for the last 10 years from their third-

Local societies, clubs and activity groups can book to visit the farm and fi nd out fi rst-hand what goes into both growing and pressing the oil whilst working up an appetite to then enjoy a tasty lunch cooked using the Fussels’ extensive range of oils, dressing, sauces and mayonnaises. T e demonstration kitchen and all its facilities can also be hired for team building days, business brunches and bespoke parties.

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