An Ocean

of Choice One way of maintaining healthy fi shing waters is by highlighting the sheer variety of the delicious tasting fi sh readily available to us in the UK, and particularly in the South West. We spoke to Andy Gray from industry authority Seafi sh, about casting our nets a little further than our supper staples of cod and salmon.

Where historically fi sh and shellfi sh would have been traded on a local basis, seafood is nowadays a truly global commodity, hence the demand we see from such places as France, Spain, Italy and China for fi sh and shellfi sh from the UK. T is is a simple matter of supply and demand, with consumers in such destinations across the globe willing to pay the prices for quality produce.

Fish for T ought

The South West is famed for its coastline, wonderful beaches and of course abundant fi sh and seafood. The Cornish Food Box Company work closely with the team at Fish for Thought to source the very freshest, most sustainable seafood from Cornish ports. We spoke to them about their thoughts on the importance of sustainability.

Fish for T ought are determined to leave things better than they fi nd them, and are committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing, and so are we. T ere is no doubt that while sustainability in the fi shing industry is a complex issue, it's one which we cannot, and must not, ignore. T e British people and the fi shing authorities are fully engaged in putting sustainability at the top of the agenda, and it's something we agree wholeheartedly with.

Put simply, it's vital that we preserve species in our waters to ensure not only their own continued existence, but that of the entire food chain - the food chain we sit at the top of as the global population continues to grow.


To keep enjoying the best fi sh, we collectively have a responsibility to ensure that our seafood is from a source which can replenish itself.

So while much of the seafood caught and sourced in the UK is indeed destined for overseas markets, it is the case that there are still over one hundred diff erent species of fi sh and shellfi sh regularly available to consumers in the UK. However, as consumers, many of us here in the UK still have a tendency to focus our seafood consumption on fi ve main species –


Cornish Food Box's recommendations

"Our fi sh recommendation for September would have to be MSC certifi ed Cornish Hake.

Hake are deep-sea members of the Cod family and found in abundance in Cornish waters.

This fi sh has a longer, more slender body than Cod and a head full of razor-like teeth. With sweet, white fi rm fl esh and medium fl ake, it’s perfect served grilled, poached or baked with strong fl avour accompaniments."

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